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April 24, 2013

knowledge management in daily life

blog is a good thing for knowledge sharing.

firstly, in the reflective aspect, it is a way to help us to reflect what we learned and how can we use it in the future these two questions, everyday.

secondly, it is a good place for knowledge sharing. because we can learn the things from others blog.

group discussion is a good thing for knowledge sharing.

all of our in moodle asseignment is done by group.

there are full of knowledge sharing during the group discussion.

because before the meeting, everyone will prepare some materials and share it in the meeting.

tutor feedback is a good way for knowldge sharing.

the feedback is a really good thing. becasue it is the recommadations given by the teachers, who is the expert in this area. all of them are good for the furture develpment in this area.

knowledge sharing is everywhere in dialy life. if you want learn more things, there are hundrends way for you to choose.

some thought s on KBAM

based on the journal i read, majority of people nowasays do not know their potential ability.

for example, if a people are good at drawing potentially, but he never draw sth. how did he know, he has this kind of potential ability.

in my opinion,

the company can have some activities, in one aspect they can discover the potantial abilities of these people, in the other aspect, these activities are also good ways to close people's relationships.


the company managers also can disvoer their potential ability via communucation.

there are a lot of ways can investigate the potential wisdom of a people.

however, nowadays, the boss prefer to fire people instead of giving them another chance.

so from this thing i also realized another truth.

all the theory we learned are based on a safe working environment. all the solution we make is excellent in a saft working environment.

but can they work in a real company?

from the CBE to LE to KBAM, we always try to create a awesome change plen for a company.

but we never consider the time the company need to spend on the changing.

for example, how long a company can finish the change from a hierachycal company to a company with free communication environment?

how long the employees can have close relationship and have trust with each other from no communication with others at al?

how to develop wisdom

one of the famouse chinese educator confusiouse said that if you want to be a wise man the most important thing is reflective.

everyday, before you fall a sleep, you should spend some time on thinking what you did today, what you learned from the today's experience and which behavior you can improve it in the future.

i agree with his opinion, reflective is the most important thing to be a wise man.

the famouse scientist Einstein said be the geniuess need 99% of hard working and 1% of talent.

as far as i concered 99% refers to do sth and do reflective after that to achive improvement.

for example, in order to get the great mark in the exam, we must do some exercise to prepare for it.

in my opinion, do exercise is important. but do reflection after doing exercise is also important.

in this way, you can know what kind of knowledge you are not good at. and then you can work harder in this area to cover it.

(by the way, after i realized this theory, i never afraid of fail, because the fail can help me to do reflective better and help me to realize the disadvantages of me better. it is helpful to my furture development.)

in addition, ask from the expericenced people is also a way to achieve wisdom.

for example,

i used to work very hard but the mark i got from the exam is not good. Thus, i will ask for some study experience from several students who have good mark.

after that, i will think whether their study way is also useful to me. whether i can use it or not.

i think in the future, when i start working, it is the same.

if i am not showing good working performance in the work, i will ask the managers to know how to achive the improvement.

it is a kind of knowledge sharing. In this way, i saved time to investigate a new way by myself

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