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April 23, 2013

develop knowledge management or not

there are two opinions on knowledge management.

some people think knowlege management is necessary because knowlege sharing can increase the other employees performance. in addition, it is also a good way to encourage the communication among the company to close the relationship among the employees.

however, others show totally different opnion. they think the process of knowledge management should be long. thus it needs a large amount of cost. in the real life, some peope will leave the company after they get the knowlege. it is not worth for the company to do that knid of thing.

in my opnion, become the learning organization is a necessary thing for a developing company. but when the company in its way to the learning organization, they also need to develop the solutions to protact their own benifits.

for example, sign long time employeeing contracts with the employees or let the employees record their knowlege sharing expericance. Thus, even the worker left the company, others can also learn from the materials

how to develop wisdom

in order to answer this question, we need to know what is wisdom.

after i read some journals, i think, wisdom in a company is using people's experience and knowlege to help compay achieving the mission or goal.

in a learning organization, developing wisdom people is necessary. Becasue after knowlesge sharing, the working performace of the employees would be improved dramaticly.

after i read the journal, i knew there are 4 stages of wisdom development.

at the first stage, people do not know their potential ability and they do not know they could be wisdom. majority of people are at these stage.

at the second stage, people start the realize they might be wisdom after training.

at the third stage, people like to involve into the wisdom development. because they have confidence to be the wisdom people at this stage.

and finally, they become wisdom.

for a company, they need to investigate the potential wisdom employees among the company and do traing on them to help them going through these four stages in a short time.

error may bring a company into dilemma

in the class i learned there are six kinds of errors.

they are information not available, information not observed, information difficult to detect, memory error, incorrect mental model and anticipation error.

all of these errors can lead to the failture of the business, or even lead to some crisis.

in the project and programme module, we need to investigate the problems in the company given in the food industry.

we find the most obviouse problem of the company is that in order to wider the market, the company translate all the information on the lable to the local language.

but the thing is, due to unproberate traslation, many information are not shown on the lable such as some raw materials.

it is a kind of information not avaiblable. becaue the company did not give the approperate information to the customers.

in addition, the company big their company’s slogan in the labels’ of products to enhance their brand recognition. it leads to the storage way of the products showing in the corner of the lables.

it is easy to lead customers ignore the storage way of it.

both of these two kinds of errors will bring bad things to the company.

if the potential customers have any allergies on the raw materials of the products, which are not shown on the lable, it will cause the customer ill.

in addition, if the customer not storage the product well, they may think the products can only storage in a short time. Next time, they will choose another product with longer storage duration.

thus, if the company do not correct the information on the lable, the sales of their products will decrease dramatictly.

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