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October 12, 2012

ISO9000:2000 V.S. EFQM

After i read some materials about EFQM and ISO, i found majority professors proved that, overall, EFQM is better than ISO, due to the self assessment. The internal self assessment system can help company innovated and improved itself sooner and better. The company does not need to pay much attention on how the pass the certification of ISO. It can focus on achieving his own goal.

The interesting thing is that, according to the numbers i got, there are far more companies are using ISO instead of EFQM. Thus the question is, if EFQM is better than ISO in the academic level. why nowadays, there are still plenty of companies are willing to use ISO instead of EFQM. I guess the answer might be FASHION.

Just showing one thing happened on myself. when i entered to the university, i found that almost people around me are listening to the American Music. At that time, I start to feel i am isolated. I have no common topics to talk with people around me. After several days, i started to listen American songs, although i prefer Chinese songs.

The same, due to the majority big companies using ISO, new companies prefer to use ISO to show the connection to the big one.

some thoughts after the class of time management (according to my personal experience)

I have studied many years for time management, from the primary school to the university. In my memory, teachers just keep telling me the importance of the time, like: "time is limited and passed so fast!"; "please do not waster every minute!";"time equals money" so on so forth. Thus, when i known i need to do 6 projects in the next 2 weeks, i said to myself:" oh my god, i will die. because i have not enough time to finish it. I must start to do the project immediately and keep on doing it." With this negative attitude, i become quit worrying and can not focus on reading the journals. And that day, i do nothing expect studying. The night, when i went to bed, i started to think and the question-- if every core modules is like this one , does it mean i have no time to shooping, reading books, seeing films, going to the gym, even bathing in the future? how long can i bear this kind of life? i fall asleep, before i get the answers.

I gained a lot from the time management class not only how to use time efficiently, but also realized not all the things are urgency. supposing, i study 10 hours per day, i still have some time to do the things, i??d like to.

Surprisingly, with this kind of positive attitude, i studied efficiently. i planed that i will use 8 hours in the library to finish the 2nd project with my team members. we finished it in 6 hours.

According to my personal experiences of these two days. I realized that maybe a good mood can help people studying efficiently (especially me). On the other side, a bad mood leads to get half the result with twice the effort. In addition, The bad mood is always caused by urgency. Thus, i decided to start to make plan. In order to, not put myself in the urgency. In addition, i also stick a papar in my desk. it says that things may not as urgen as you think. Try to plan it.


i wrote this work several days ago. At that day, i have a thought about time management. I wanted to write it in the blog. However, i do not know how to write a blog, at that time. I figured this case as an important but not ugent case. Thus, i typed it in the word first. Till today, i paused it to the blog

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