June 09, 2013


although in the PMA, i choose maintenance as the aspect i focus on.

but i also think other aspect of the asset management is also improtant for Waveriders.

for example

a bette management in environment can help the company do something to the society to win a better brand name.

the resorce managment can help the company solve the high inventory problem

the safty managmenet can eliminate the cirsis happened.

et, al.

therefore, in the future, if i become a manager of a small company, i will choose maintenance as the main aspect i foces on

because it can improve the quality of the products and help the company to wider the current market

if i am working in a big company, i will pay attention on environment.

because when a company has a stable market position, it should do sth to the society.


maintenance is a concept of asset managmenet paid attention on process and people.


what is assest management.

as far as i considered, it is a management way of a company to manage the tangible assets in the company.

in the PMA, i chose maintenance as the aspect i focus on.

there are several reasons for me to choose it.

  • it can keep allthe assets in good working order so as to minimize downtimes.
  • it can keep all the assets in a state of good repair for the owners?? health and safety.
  • it can ensure that the assets achieve their full potential service life.
  • it can prevent unnecessary damage to assets that may result in their premature failure.


during the process of writing the PMA, i find the knowledge i learn from the KBAM can link with the previouse modules.

for example,

the maintenance asks the managers

  • give a fair reward system to the employees.
  • talk to the employees frequently
  • give feedback to them frequently

when these aspects can be done by a manager, his leadership style is improved.

the maintenance can help the company to have a plan weekly, monthly, yearly.

it is helpful to the company to know and remove the waste in the production process. and only keep the value- added one.

it helps the company to build a lean thinking.

in addition, assest management has a close relationship with the EFQM.

for example

  • - Leaders drive improvement of the organization??s management systems and performance.
  • ?¡ìC People are rewarded, recognized and cared for
  • ?¡ìC Buildings, equipment, materials and natural resources are managed in a sustainable way.
  • ?¡ìC Technology is managed to support the delivery of strategy.
  • ?¡ìC Products and services are produced, delivered and managed.


in the last blog, i pointed out the point that maitenance is not an aspect paid so much attention on innovation. it can help the company win a wider market via high quaility of the products.

but i think this issue again and again today.

i think the company still need innovation to help thier products to achieve continus improvement.

because the high quality of the products only can increase the reliability rate of products.

other rates can not be improved via the production process like maintenance, safety, environment

they should be considered at the design stage of the product.

therefore, the SMEs still need paid attention on R&D department.

but as far as i considered, the task of the departement is not the innovation.

the task of it is to improve the characteristic of the current product

June 06, 2013

KBAM PMA–2:critical thinking on developing new technology

people always said developing innovation is a key sucess factor for a company.

because the advanced techonology can help the company to achieve sucess.

however, during the process of writing this PMA, i found develoing the techonogy so often is not always a good thing.

Take Waverider as a example.

it is a small manufacturing company. it has not enough moeny to support the high investment on the techonogy development and R&D department. in addition, at the current stage, it's employees even are not familiar with the current machine. If they use more advanced machine, the employees can not use it well.

Therefore, the most important thing for Waveriders now is not changing. the production process shoud be improved.

the quality of the products can be improved by moniterating the production process and training the empoyees to use the current machine more efficient.

as the consequence, the qulity of the products improved and the cost also decreased.

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