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October 19, 2007


  As a English learner for several years, i have a lot of good and bad experience. However, my learning style is learning by myself during my free time.My favourite ways of learning vocabulary is enlarging my words by reading, also it is my best skills, but I pay too much attention on the new words so that slower my reding speed. In my opinion, join in the English corner and conmunicate with english foreigners, then you can make a great achivement if you insist on it.

English study includes reading, writing,speaking and listening, but i think both  reading and speaking are the most inportant. you can not only extend your vacabularies but also widen your knowledge. In addition, you are interested in those wonderful stories so that you are not tired even if you finished a long story in a short day. For English learners, listening comes first,because you must understand everything that someone commucate with you.Meanwhile, you practice your listening as well as you can at the same time. Then you can talk and learn a lot from your listening.Gradually, your writing and listening will to be high level.

when i read something, i always care about the new words,so i stop my reading and look them up my dictionary. I try my best remember but soon or later i forget all of them. so it's borning to memorize the new words. There are a number of words i don't know, so i need a good and effective method to enlarge my English words.W hat's more, listening the BBC is also good for your English.To sum up, learning English needs more and more practice and repeat what you did.

October 06, 2007

alcohol can rescue you when you are in trouble?

     when i  grow up, i found that many guys are crazy about cirgrettet and alcohol. i don't know why. but now when i am in university our classmates ,most of them like beer,even some girls. i am confused. does alcohol can do anything?

    maybe it makes you relax or excited, but ist is bad for your health, in a matter of fact. also when a man is dispointed they said that they need woman and beer,it is very interesting i think. i am not good at drinking alcohol, maybe i don't understand the feeling which they had.come down,boys,everything will be ok at last. do not be so  unbridled.

October 05, 2007

The first impression of Britain

On the 29th september in 2007, I came to britain with my classmates. we are eleven persons all in together. in my opinion, britain is quite clean, green and smooth. that is my first impression of britain.

when i was on plane i look down at the ground , i saw the plain. there are quite a lot of roads,rivers,and not high buildings are arranged in a crisscross pattern. it is very butiful and charming. also on the warwick university there are many grassland,good grass smell i like it. it is clean here and there. i will no longer to worry my shoues and trouses will be dirty , which you wear them for sevaral days, they are as clean as the new ones. meanwhile, the green grass i love it. i think it is good for your eyes.

what's more, the british people here are kind and hospitable. they are active to help you to find your classroom when you have some diffculty or lose your way on our campous. the cleaner in our flats is quite responbility for her work. they give us a beautiful situtionation for living.

although i am trying to adapt each aspect in britain , everything will become much easier for newcommer. we are not fresh, we are fashional and popular on our campours.

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