December 20, 2007

look back the first term in Warwick

How time flies! The first term in Warwick University was over now. Generally speaking, I have learned a lot although there are many difference between China and Britain,no matter on English study or the all kinds of living ways in Britain.

To be honest, writting the essay is very difficult for me. There are some reasons here. Firstly, this essay is very long. It's about 2000 words. I didn't have the experience to write so long essay before, so this is the first challenge for me. Secondly,  I didn't completely understand each topic on the lectures, also I didn't prepare them very well on the seminars. What's worse, i hardly ask some questions that are puzzled me from tutors and i didn't review what i have learned everyday. As a result, i did't absolutely digest each point what i have learned. Finally, it's a key point. I am not interested in  history actually, especially the history of foreign countries. so i didn't know the British history very well. In addition, it's a little boring to read so many thick English HISTORY BOOKS. It's quite difficult to understand the whole things and i couldn't get hold of the main points that i want . I didn't spend much time reading a great deal of materials for the essay. What's more, after finishing the whole reading, it's hard to choose which topic or point that i will write. so I am irresolute to choose a proper topic to start to write.

If I could go back to write this essay, i will prepare for it several weeks before i begin to write. I will spend much more time to read and review what i had learned during the class-time. I will write the outline at first and talk about it with my tutor then i can get more good suggestions from her. Also i think the  first draft is very necessary. I am going to hand it in  when i write an essay next time.

In conclusion, reading and choosing the topic what I will write is the first important step when I start writing the essay.

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  1. Tilly Harrison

    Yes, it’s difficult to read and write about something you are not very interested in. It’s true that 1945 is history to some extent but at least you were looking for aspects of history that are relevant today. That can help to explain why things are they way they are NOW so that might be interesting. It’s good to have a plan to start preparing early – that’s an excellent idea although it seldom happens in practice! Talking to your tutor and getting advice is another good idea, as is writing a draft.

    22 Dec 2007, 22:14

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