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New Life New Starting Point
A yearlong Birmingham’s study and life builds a solid foundation for my MA study. Honestly speaking, those days were quite light-hearted. So I have many opportunities and spare times to go shopping and travel with my friends. I thought the main purpose of studying abroad is not only to study simply English but also know a kind of different culture. I have learned a lot from contacting all aspects of society. Through travelling, I learned to recognise the map and plan scrupulously a trip as well as look for the best and most economic way to travel. Through contacting society, I know I should drive to the left rather than right and the British is very friendly instead of conservative as well as different but interesting festivals. When I remember these days, I still feel very sweet.

The period of attending pre-sessional is a transition from undergraduate to postgraduate. In these times, I gradually knew all respects of university and also realise that Warwick is a unique university, having a kind of incredible charm. Sometimes, attraction is a kind of impetus. I made up my mind to study hard.

Now, my postgraduate life begins. New life is a new starting point. For me, the main purpose is not only for gaining a MA degree but also adding a bit of life experience. Actually, I like learning language and fancy teaching. Maybe my family exert a subtle influence on me (my grandparent and father, aunt are all teacher). So my aim in the coming year is that my English can be improved as well as have a solid basic knowledge for teaching. Aim is quite simple, but always difficult. For certain, I will make an effort to make it!

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