October 28, 2004


Does anyone have this problem? In lectures- the ones I actually go to- I have tendency to fall asleep!!!! its horrible… At first I thought it was because of bad air circulation in the room but now I just think its cuz i'm always tired. Why is it that i'm tired.. we hardly do anything at this school! I mean, we do- we read a lot and we uh, take notes? but is that why i'm so tired? Tired.

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  • PS i'm not gay, i'm him! by James Lee on this entry
  • No, i don't find that a problem at all, i think ur just lazy and need to do more work, and stop maki… by James Lee on this entry
  • Yo. Howz u doin. Intro 2 geom is my sleep period too! by on this entry
  • Depends on the lecture you're in… I used Introduction To Geometry as an extension of sleep. by on this entry
  • Yeah I'm just the same. I'v ebeen to bed at nine pm, got up at 12 the next day, and i still fall asl… by on this entry

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