January 30, 2008

The dark side of politics

“For instance, in university I had been trained in the neoclassical model of “economic man,” competition, and free markets. As I dug into what happened behind closed doors … Members of the local business community were power mongers who were busy negotiating illicit deals with politicians and administrators on how to block competition and the free market and create special privileges for themselves.” (Flyvbjerg, 2006)

“[T]he model of representative democracy, which on the surface of things appears to apply, and by law is supposed to apply … Here I found a highly undemocratic, semi-institutionalized way of making decisions, where leaders of the business community and of the city government had formed a secret council, which effectively replaced the democratically elected city council as the place where important decisions on urban politics and planning were made.” (Flyvbjerg, 2006)

July 05, 2007

Developing the overcrowded site

I have revised this article on 4 Feburary 2008. It was first drafted on 5 July 2007. 

After reading the Mater Plan for Central Campus Development, I felt *very* disappointed. If the central campus is developed according to the proposed plan, there will be no more green landscape on the central campus. What I meant is that you simply cannot see any greenlands (except brushes and small portion of artifical plantings) from one's office (in general). Three quarters of the field at the East of the IMC/Computer Science will be gone in the next 10 years or so. You won't see flying kites on this field in the future. New buildings will be sit on the field between Tocil Flats and Health Centre, right next to Jack Martin flats. You won't see smiley faces chasing footballs or hard workers revising for their exams on this field after the proposed development. I don't quite understand why the university do not use the land at the south west (marked as central campus west in the master plan) and preserving the remaining lawns on central campus east. Certainly, the businessmen have their own reasons, but I doubt if this is what staffs and students wanted to see.


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