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October 29, 2005

Poetry and Society: Useful Books on Topics Covered So Far

Here I would like to mention a few useful books for my Poetry and Society groups. Traditional readers can be useful for a start. I have a great deal of affection for English Romantics Poets ed. by M.H. Abrams - this has essays on Blake, Wordworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley and Keats. M.H. Abrams of course wrote The Mirror and the Lamp, which we have talked about a little in seminars. Romantics, Rebels and Reactionaries by Marilyn Butler gives a great deal of historical background, which can be useful. For those of you who have trouble getting to grips with Wordsworth, Geoffrey Durant's William Wordsworth is a solid introduction.

October 17, 2005

Poetry and Society: William Blake Further Reading

Writing about web page

Romantics, Rebels and Reactionaries by Marilyn Butler has an interesting chapter on Blake and The Mirror and the Lamp by M.H. Abrams talks a little about Blake in various places too. Abrams also edits a useful anthology called English Romantic Poets , but for a more modern view Rethinking Blake's Textuality by Molly Anne Rosenberg is interesting.

Poetry and Society: FIRST ESSAY (NON–ASSESSED)

Practical criticism essay (close-reading): 1500 words
Due Monday of week 5 (October 24th)

Essays must be typed or printed (not handwritten). You must write a close reading of Wordsworth’s ‘Old Man Travelling’ (paying attention to the poem’s form. This means thinking about the shape of the poem on the page, how many lines the poem has (and the length of these lines), the poem’s sound (metre, pattern, rhyme, alliteration), the poem’s structure, the poet’s choice of diction and syntax, the poem’s figurative devices and the mode of address (who is speaking to who?) When writing the essay, do not simply list these formal qualities (or worry about the various Greek names that are attached to them), but relate them to the meaning, as you see it, of the poem you’ve chosen. For example, on one level, the apparently simplistic ballad form of this poem illuminates Wordsworth’s interest, and idealisation of, the simplicity of domestic and human experience in rural, labouring areas. You should thus think about why blank verse, ballad form, the sonnet, lyric and so on are being used by the poet to communicate specific ideas and feelings: why does the poet use a poem, rather than prose or drama, to relate certain ideas and images?


Poetry and Society: A Note on Presentations

Could those presenting on Romantic authors this term please bring photocopies of hand outs with them to the seminar? Or take the master copy by Wednesday morning to the English Office and the secretaries will put it my pigeon hole for me to photocopy.

Poetry and Society: Presentations Autumn Term

This is just a note to remind my groups of who is giving presentations, on what subject and in which week.

Group 1 12 – 1pm
Week Two: Louise (Catherine) presents on Blake
Week Three: –
Week Four: Lara presents on Wordsworth's Two Part Prelude
Week Five: Bryony and Maxim present on Coleridge
Week Six: Reading Week
Week Seven: –
Week Eight: Kate and Jenny present on Shelley
Week Nine: Louise presents on Keats
Week Ten: Hayley presents on Byron and Hemans

Group 2 2 – 3pm
Week Two: –
Week Three: Jenny presents on Wordsworth's shorter poems
Week Four: Jenna presents on Wordsworth's Two Part Prelude
Week Five: Victoria presents on Coleridge
Week Six: Reading Week
Week Seven: Alistair and Eleanor presents on Clare
Week Eight: Katie presents on Shelley
Week Nine: Eloise and Daniel presents on Keats
Week Ten: Pia presents on Byron

If any of this information is incorrect or if any of you have changed your minds in favour of another writer, please let me know as soon as possible.

Poetry and Society: Romantics: Autumn Term

Writing about web page

Week Two:
Seminar: William Blake, 'The Marriage of Heaven and Hell'
Lecture: Blake (Emma Mason)

Week Three:
Seminar: Wordsworth 'Simon Lee', 'The Thorn', 'Tintern Abbey', 'Straneg Fits of Passion I have known', We are seven', 'Old Man Travelling'.
Lecture: Charlotte Smith (Jackie Labbe)

Week Four:
Seminar: Wordsworth The Two-Part Prelude
Lecture: Wordsworth The Two Part Prelude (Emma Mason)

Week Five:
Seminar: Coleridge 'Christabel', 'Frost at Midnight', 'Fears in Solitude', 'Ancient Mariner'
Lecture: Wordsworth and Colerdige Lyrical Ballads (Michael John Kooy)

Week Six: Reading Week

Week Seven:
Seminar: John Clare 'The Badger', 'Sonnet: the Nightingale', 'Sonnet: I Am',‘There is a charm in solitude that cheers,’ ‘There’s music in the songs of birds’
Lecture: Clare (Jonathan Bate)

Week Eight:
Seminar: Shelley, ‘Mont Blanc’, ‘England in 1819,’ ‘Ode to the West
Lecture: Shelley (Jonathan Bate)

Week Nine:
Seminar: Keats, ‘Ode to Psyche,’ ‘Ode to a Nightingale,’ ‘Ode on a
Grecian Urn,’ ‘Ode on Indolence,’ ‘Ode on Melancholy,’
‘The Eve of St Agnes’
Lecture: Keats (Jackie Labbe)

Week Ten:
Seminar: Byron Manfred and Felicia Hemans, ‘Properzia Rossi,’ ‘Arabella Stuart’
Lecture: Byron and Hemans (Jackie Labbe)

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