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March 03, 2006

CS133: Regarding Peer Review

After our peer review today, I want to outline a number of tips and issues in writing your final piece for me this week.

Have a punchy beginning and a punchy conclusion. Plesae don't start with wishy-washy phrases such as: 'The internet is an amazing phenomenon' or ' Lots of people today are interested in software patents'. This kind of sentence is a waste of space. You could begin with:

*a quotation: ' "The interet is the most dangerous threat to the world security today". These are the words of J.Smith, who…'

*a comparison: e.g. software copyright and book copyright.

*taking a stance on a topic.

*outlining a situation.
Always ensure that you state your purpose and objectives in the opening section too.

Avoid 'I believe', 'I think', 'It is clear that', 'It seems that'. Occasional use of 'I argue' should be OK.

Make sure that your piece is persuasive. Many of you used techniques this week that were outlined in our seminar on oral and presentation skills. Be careful when writing your final draft – some subtle techniques such as the paradox, accumulation and occasional use of rhetorical questions can be useful, but too much rhetoric can be read as being heavy handed.

If you have any further questions please post them here.

February 16, 2006

CS133: Assignment 3: Article Critique



*“Modern communications-Transforming our lives”

*“Time to say goodbye”

*“The Soldiers’ site”

*“Let the PC entertain you”

*“Fair Cop”

*“PC spies report on your every move”

*“Vigilantes on the net”

*“Wi-Fi finds the way”

You will each be given one of the articles and asked to write a critique of its central argument in the following format:


*Name of author and title of article

*General overview of the argument

*Thesis indicating your perspective


*Highlight the major point in the work

*Provide detailed analysis of the logic

*Interpret the supporting evidence

Provide an overall interpretation critically assess the value, worth, or meaning of the article, (both negative and positive).

This assignment is due during the seminar of Week 8

February 03, 2006

Academic Writing: Abstract Examples

See examples of abstracts here:
Detecting Plagiarism

Remember the content of an abstract is…

  • field of study,
  • the problem,
  • objectives,
  • methods of gathering data,
  • the major findings,
  • the most important conclusions
    …in roughly that order.

Academic Writing: Assignment 1 : Factsheet

Explanation of a concept in computer science


You are asked to write a short fact sheet explaining a concept in computer science which informs teh workings of an everyday object or phenomenon. You are writing for an audience of schoolchildren who are nearing teh end of their GCSE studies. You shoudl choose a topic which you are familiar with, and make sure that you have a clear understanding of teh underlying principles before trying to write the piece.

Format of the Assignment

Your material will be given to young children in the form of a fact sheet, which should take up no more than 2 sides of A4 paper including diagrams. It is up to you to decide on the exact format of the piece of work. Marks will be given for design as well as for content.


A typed copy of this assignemnt must be handed in by Friday's lesson week 6. Online submission should also be made by the due date. When your marked assignment is returned you will also be given a feedback form, which will indicate how your mark was calculated. This feedback form should help you decide how best to divide the time you spend working on this assignment and which aspects of your work may need more attention. Please note that marks are awarded for scientific content as well as for writing presentation.

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