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February 08, 2006

Poetry and Society: BBC Romanticism Series

Writing about web page

BBC RomanticsA series on the Romantics has unfortunately just finised on BBC. Victoria Mason was kind enough to point it out to me. However there are some links and further information at the link above.

Modes Of Writing: Non–Fiction Prose: Outline

Unit 4 Outline

Weeks 17–20 will be spent on non-fictional prose taking in elements of:
1.Description and illustration.
2.Argument and persuasion.
5.Interviewing and profiling.

Each week you will be expected to research an aspect of your topic and you will present your findings and later your writings to the class LIVE. You will be expected to present your findings as if they are LIVE news and you will need to persuade your audience that your project is a subject worthy of investigation and of reading.

Week 7:Types of Articles, House Style and Audience
Week 8:Argument, Rhetoric, Persuasion
Week 9:Practicalities Ė Finding Information, Interviews
Week 10: Presentations


The product of the course will be an article in the high journalistic style of literary non-fiction, as typified by essays in the London Review of Books or _The Guardian _(Saturday Review section). The subject will be something that directly affects university life.

Your submitted work will include: an investigation of 1,500 words and 500 word informal essay on why you chose the subject and what you were hoping to explore and prove.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: Monday, Week 21, 12 noon.

Research and Reading
You should also regularly read the book pages of major national newspapers especially the London Review of Books, Saturday Review section of The Guardian, and the review pages for The Independent, The Independent on Sunday, The Sunday Times, The Observer. These are available in the library adjacent to the issue desk. By studying these items, you can also gain a great deal of useful research for your final 'super-essay'. For the super-essay, also see The Paris Review Interviews (various editors and publishers; Library SRC) and Writers at Warwick tapes (Library SRC).

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Please note that I also have a blog for ideas and research at:

Women Writing Rape

See this new blog set up to coincide with the symposium, Women Writing Rape: Literary and Theoretical Narratives of Sexual Violence

Practice of Poetry Seminar:

Thursdays 9 – 12 noon in the Mead Gallery, Warwick Art Centre

REMINDER: When bringing poems to be workshopped in class, it would be great to bring extra copies so that we can all see the poem on the page.

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