April 12, 2007

The Lizard King

I have been strangely obsessed with Jim Morrison since the age of 16. I am the proud owner of an absurd assortment of Morrison paraphernalia, which includes a necktie, various books, all The Doors' cd's, lots of posters, a Morrison wall hanging........You get the idea!During my A levels, I proudly used Jim Morrison quotes for a number of essays...and started my final English General paper with a Morrison quote that went something like 'Whoever controls the media controls the mind.' My fascination with the man who died years before I was even born led my family members to bestow upon me the nickname 'Morrison' (I was previously named 'Turtle' for a number of years due to my obsession with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles....I guess I have an obsessive personality!). To those of you who might not know who Jim Morrison is...He was the lead singer for The Doors -  a controversial rock band formed in 1965. Interesting bit of trivia for those who want to know a bit more...The name for the band was taken from the title of the book 'The Doors of Perception' by Aldous Huxley, who had borrowed the line from a poem by William Blake;  "If the doors of perception were cleansed, every thing would appear to man as it is: infinite".

Anyways....I think I am rambling a bit here. I will get to the point of this blog entry (It is imperative that I do so as it is my first blog entry- and that too out of sheer boredom!).....but it will have to wait till later as Ayla has just called and declared it to be 'Thirsty Thursday'!....Thus, Dinner and drinks await!

P.S.Just to make it clear...Ayla is one of my closest friends...The apple of my eye and at the same time the bane of my existence! You'll be seeing her name alot here.....if I continue to write that is...........!

Till then Adios, Sayonara, Ba-Aman-E-Khuda, KhudaHaafiz and Goodbye :)! 

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