January 12, 2005

house mates needed

me and my friend claire are looking for one or preferrably two people to get a house in coventry with next year. we both do chemical biology and are easy to get along with. we are looking at a maximum of £55 pw with broadband included. there are pleanty of university houses that suits this. if you are interested email me on z.d.locke@warwick.ac.uk or reply to this blog.
thanks, zara xx

November 02, 2004


i started this with good intentions to write at least a few times a week. but that didnt turn out too well did it?!? dont really have much to write but thought i should. hopefully im going to get a camera soon so i may work out how to get some pics on here.
ttfn zara xxx

September 29, 2004


well… i left home about 1:15 for an innocent trip to lazer lizard to buy a few ring binders to stash all the notes i am already accumulating. (mainly down to Prof Davey who insisted on the whole terms notes in a stack fatter than the text book!). thought i would wander through the poster sale in the union seeing as my front door opens directly into it! soon i realised that i had not walked into a poster sale but instead into an alcohol tasting session; so i walked around all the displays and pretended to care what they were selling whilst consuming every avaliable sample heading my way. fantastic. i could have stayed longer and done a few more laps had there not been the pressing matter of claiming my free banana whilst stocks lasted! after my quick chat with a nice police man and claiming (another) uv marker pen i headed off to lazer lizard only to be stopped at the megabowl stand. a pint glass full of goodies wasnt bad plus a free pint if i go bowling. so on the way back from getting my files i nipped across the road to sample some ice tea then into the piazza to drink several cups of free ribena whilst buying a venus fly trap. finally went to check that the slc paid me and back home for lunch to soak up the alcohol.
so… if you ever think a trip from whitefields to lazer lizard and back will only take you 10 mins, you have been warned. there are pleanty of distractions in this place!
sorry for any spelling mistakes i'm studying sciences not english!
TTFN zara xx

September 27, 2004

im here

hi everyone, i've nearly got myself sorted out now after arriving yesterday morning. i've not blown up the kitchen yet so that's also good i suppose! getting on really well with the other 11 people in my house (whitefields) which is quite surprising because i didn't think that 12 complete strangers would hit it off straight away like we have! oh well shouldn't complain about it! i was also quite surprised that i could get to sleep last night even though the house is virtually in the student union, it's not that loud (or i've already gone deaf). still many many more people to meet that i haven't yet so i'm saying hi to all of you too. best metion the course i'm doing in case anyone wondered, its chemical biology. in a house of 11 scientists and only 1 arts student it would be nice to meet some more not-so-science-inclined people to vary my conversations. ttfn. zara xx

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