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March 29, 2011

An overview of Asset and Knowledge management (KBAM)

An overview of the contents of Knowledge and asset management revealed a lot of interesting things. This is the first time I've read about the two concepts. They are very broad and comprehensive topics. There are a lot of details in each of them. It totally explains why we have been given around two weeks to prepare for the presentation. In order to develope an approach to knowledge and asset management for Waveriders we'll have to explore these vast topics in detail. Prior to this module, management of assets was a very simple and straightforward concept for me. Sure each organization has to manage its assets, but I thought that it was a very easy thing.... u just buy the assets and make the best use out of them. But after overviewing the different aspects of management of assets I realized how broad this area is...... u have to come up with a strategy for managing the assets, u have to manage and utilize the assets to optimize the whole life cycle performance, u have to look at the impact of using the assets on community and environment, u have to manage the security of assets.............. so many things to look at. It is a very broad and interesting topic and by managing the assets and knowledge of Waveriders, I'll get a first hand experience to practically implement the theories. This practical implementation will be very useful for me as I can use it in the future for my own company.     

RDM, KBAM, Leadership…. management of blogs

Right now we have the opportunity to make three types of blog entries: the post module blogs for RDM and Leaderdhip and the in-module blogs for KBAM. It is the time of the degree when the blogging is (or should be) at the peak.

I think it is very important to manage the blogs so that it becomes easy for everyone to read and distinguish which topic it is related to.... it should also be done to make it easy for the module tutors to mark.....beacause they have to read loads and loads of blogs for marking. What can be done is that the title of the blog entry should be very specific and should make it clear which module it is related to. One way of doing it is to write the name of the module in the title of the entry. I think we can manage our blogs in this way and make it easy for everyone to read.    

The impact of marks

A couple of days ago I wrote a blog in which I said that getting marks shouldn't be the main purpose of writing blogs. The learning aspect of blogging is more important.

Today we recieved our marks of blogging in RDM. After seeing the marks I admit that they had an impact on my motivation for writing the blog. The marks came when I was just about to write a blog or comment on someone's blog ......... they were not on the high side. Immediately my motivation went down and I thought that I wouldn't blog.

But this actually contradictd the purpose of writing the blogs, which I discussed before. Getting marks shouldn't be the sole purpose of blogging. Daily refelections and learning from them is the most important thing. I stick to this point and this is why I'm making a blog entry right now.  

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