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April 07, 2011

Tommorrow's presentations (KBAM)

The presentations that we are going to give tommorrow are going to be different from all the presentations that we have given so far. There is going to be a panel of Directors to which we are going to present to. There is also a time limit that we have to follow strictly. We also are expected to dress formally as we are going to be the consultants(depends on the choice of the groups). The situation is very similar to real life presentation environment. In our future organizations most of us will be expected to give presentations like this to the board, the leader and the colleagues. I think as the last presentation of the whole MBE together, it is very nice to get an opportunity to present in this way. It will hopefully prepare us well to give presentations in our future organizations.

Health and safety in Asset management (KBAM)

The presentation about situation awareness gave us a lot of knowledge about why an organization should manage its assets to ensure the health and safety of all the people of the organization. A lot of accidents can result if the organization doesn't take active measures to manage this aspect of the assets. This area of asset management is very important as the safety and well being of all the people of the organization comes above any business goals that the company has.

To ensure the health and safety of its people there are many steps that an organization can take. It needs to make all of its people aware of the potential accidents that can happen and train them about the precautionary measures. It can give safety equipment to all of its people, it can make its machinery safe for human use, it can install backup measures in case accidents happen. There are many ways to cover this area of asset management. The important thing is to clearly think about all the possible situations and scenarios which can lead to accidents and then think about the preventive measures to avoid them from happening. The leaders of the organization should specifically think about all of its assets in this way and implement the health and safety measures accordingly. 

Implementation of knowledge management (KBAM)

Knowledge mangement is a very broad topic. When I started researching on the topic I found so much information in the MBE website. I thought that it would take a lot of time. But as the time allocated for the working on the presentation was 40 hours, it was necessary not to go into too much detail. We as a group spent some time in the theoretical part and most of the time in the implementation. As things turned out, everything became fairly easy. KM is a very broad topic but after we spent time in the implementation for Waveriders everything about the topic started making sense and all the components of the theory started gelling together. I think that this is why we were not given any lectures about KM as a lot of extra time could have been spent on the theory but it would have made complete sense only after the implementation. For me it worked very well. The benefit of implementation of the theory was huge for me.   

Personal knowledge management (KBAM)

Since the MBE program has started I have gained so much knowledge about so many things. Previously I had no background of any business related studies. Since I've come I have gained new knowledge about how to run and manage an organization, people management, group studies, EFQM, Deming, self assessment, culture and so many different things. Managing all this knowledge is extremely important to get the maximum benefits out of it. If it is not managed properly it will go in the back of the mind and with time it will be forgotten. One way to restore the knowledge and make it part of ourself is to implement the knowledge. This is exactly how the MBE works. We personally experience and implement the knowledge through simulation, presentation, group study etc. At apersonal level, in my opinion, this is the bet way to manage and retain our knowledge. And so I'll practice implementing whatever knowledge that I have gained and keep up this habit.    

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