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April 05, 2011

Knowledge management and blogs (KBAM)

While doing work on knowledge management, I found out that a lot of techniques can be used to get the knowledge from the people in the organization. One of the ways is to use blogs. Blogs can be used to capture people's ideas, give them a medium to share their knowledge and get them into the habit of thinking and learning. Effective use of blogs can help the organization come up with new and innovative ideas which could solve its existing problems and improve the way it does business. The culture plays a very important role for effective use of blogs. The culture should be such that it promotes the sharing of knowledge, remove inhibitions that people have in sharing ideas and values their ideas. 

This is very similar to the blogs we have in MBE. They have got us in the habit of thinking and learning from our daily reflections and they have helped us to share our knowledge with others. One of my colleagues told me that he is going to use the system of blogs in his organization, which is a very good idea. From the benefits that I have seen from using blogs myself, I am thinking that it'll be a good idea to use blogs in my organization. The only problem that I have is that a lot of people in my organization are not familiar with using computers. The options that I have is to train them or develop something manual, similar to blogs.        

Situation awareness (KBAM)

We saw a lot of accidents in the presentation about situation awareness. The reasons for those accidents were also pointed out. We also brainstormed the possible reasons for those accidents. Any organization should take active measures to avoid those accidents from happening. In October we are going to join an organization and it is our responsibility to take active measures to prevent any kind of accidents from happening. We have a number of methods to do this at our desposal. 

Personally, I think that I need to manage myself before I can think about managing my organization. Most of the time in my daily activities I am not aware of the situation around me. I am most of the time on autopilot, just thinking in my mind. Specially while I'm driving I always take it as a routine. As i do it everyday (before i came to UK), everything kas become so routine that I lose my focus. I have to be more active and more aware in doing whatever I do. I have to practice doing things with focus. I have to start this habit of being more aware of the situation because I am going to be responsible for not only myself but also all the people of my organization in the future. Before I can manage my organization and all the people, I have to learn to manage myself.   

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