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February 17, 2016

Being a Leader

Being a effective leader is not an easy task to do. It is a perception the person who have good communication skills, robust in decision making, physically strong persson, have skills and expereince to lead can become a good leader. I think its not as simple as that. Because this depends how leader uses all his skills and expereince. Does he use them to assist his team members or does he use them to develop his importance in organization ? This is what decides or makes you an effective leader. If a person hold and builds his positional power then it would be easy for him to get the things done. But those things will be done by heart and soul, there is no guarantee to that. In this people will obey their leader as they dont want to lose their job, but they will not do something extra apart from the task which they are asked to do. This is an easy and quick way to get the things done. But another is personal power, which takes comparatively longer time to develop but is more effective. In this, leader leads by example, charisma and vision which he sells to his team members instead of forcing them to do something. This can be done by communicating with people, buidling a positive rapport, delegating and trusting team members, transforming them by giving them whatever learning you have got, not using rank to impose something. Effective leader must have a good and friendly relationship with employees, where they feel comfortable to share their problems and suggestions with leader. Through such leadership manager can get feedback form his employees, which he can further use for self development and improve performaance of team. It's not neccessary that only leaders can have great ideas, they can come from any part of organization. Its leader's responsibility to create such environement where new ideas can encouraged and brought forward easily for implementation if they have any potential, and people should be motivated enough to go extra mile while completing their task. That's what a personal power can do, but it takes time and efforts to develop that much area of influence. Leader who excersive positional power can get their tasks completed in short time but in long run their wont be effective due to lack of dedication and interest of his poeple to work towards the goals which such leader wants to achieve. If leader wont care about peopel, vice versa.



February 09, 2016

Million Definitions

There are billions of definitions, qualities and traits to define a effective leader but still no one is able to make single definition, idetify set of traits to define as a good leader. Defining leadership can result in never ending debate. There are number of things which makes a good leader but it depends on the people and circumstances to decide which qualities they want more in their leader to deal with problems. These qualities can vary from time to time. Sometimes people want to just follow the instructions of leader in those circumstances giving effective instructions will make a good leader but sometimes people may want the powers to be delegated to them, here effectiveness of leader will depend on his ability to delegate. One of the trait which a leader must have is the ability to understand the pyshological and emotional state of the people working for him. Because people are humans and they have emotions. Different people have different emotional strengths and its leader's role to understand the past and current emotional states of people working for him. So he can understand everyone individually from the team working for him.

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