February 09, 2016

Million Definitions

There are billions of definitions, qualities and traits to define a effective leader but still no one is able to make single definition, idetify set of traits to define as a good leader. Defining leadership can result in never ending debate. There are number of things which makes a good leader but it depends on the people and circumstances to decide which qualities they want more in their leader to deal with problems. These qualities can vary from time to time. Sometimes people want to just follow the instructions of leader in those circumstances giving effective instructions will make a good leader but sometimes people may want the powers to be delegated to them, here effectiveness of leader will depend on his ability to delegate. One of the trait which a leader must have is the ability to understand the pyshological and emotional state of the people working for him. Because people are humans and they have emotions. Different people have different emotional strengths and its leader's role to understand the past and current emotional states of people working for him. So he can understand everyone individually from the team working for him.

January 17, 2016

Partnering across the businesses

There are lot of ways to develop partnership with businesses in local or international markets. Among them are international joint venture(JVC) and strategic alliance. In JVC new entity is formed being independent from parent companies interms of finance, management but they still have influence either according to their stake or according to agreement. But in strategic alliance two or more then two organizations agree to share respective capabilities to gain mutual objectives interms of reducing competition, working together to develop something bigger which independently can't be developed due to scracity of resorces. There is nothing like good or bad, but it all depend on circumstance that which model works best in order to achive mutual goals effectively. If partnership is done to promote products of each other, share financial risk, taking help to enter new markets, sharing skills and technology then startegic alliance would ne better choice. And if a company wants to enter a market where there is condition for international businesses to have local investor, then in that situation JVC is the only way to enter market. JVC is also suitable where companies with high experties do combined efforts to achieve mutual agreement by sharing financial risk inorder to achive economis of scale and reduce production cost as well.

January 09, 2016

What is DMAIC ?

Continous improvement in products and serives is the best way to kepp the businesses competitive. But improvment needs to be done in a certain organized way through which it can be measured either the desired improvement have been done or not. For that it is important to define what needs to be improved, so efforts can be directed towards a particular target. Then it is important to meaure the point from where process of improvement is started. It is in order to determine in the end through measrurement that either the improvement have been done or not. After mearement phase comes the stage the analyse results. These results can be analysed through various formulas, models and comparison in order to understand the real cause of hurdles towards achieving targets. After understanding the hurdels its important for improve those areas by fixing those problems. Once desired results are achieved its neceassry to maintain improvements to have long term advantage from them. This can be done by errecting control systems which ensure those results. For that DMAIC is one of most suitable framework to do improvement in product and service in organized way.

January 05, 2016

Problem Solving

For a business to be successfull it is important to resolve the problem at timely basis. If problems are not resolved they will result in slower process, higher faults hence increasing costs and decreasing quality. These are all those things which are not favaourable for sustainability of business. But in order to solve the problem it is important to know what exactly the problem is, so that all energy and resources should be directed towards that particualr problem. Sometimes small problems are having huge impact on performance of business. In order to identify those problems business processes need to be analysed in much more detailed way. For that numbers can assist to study something in as lower fraction as possible. Numbers do speak, but in order to understand them they need to be anaylsed by putting them in some formula or model. There are some models like taguchi model and control charts which can help to idetify and understadnd problem in much better way. This will help to reduce variations in systems, if the problems are understood and resolved. Reduced variation helps to minimize cost of prduction in terms of less faulty products and low wastage of resources, and on other hand quality will improve. As product with very similar specification will be produced from processes everytime. Problem is always decreasing quality. And thast what customer pays premuim and help to branding of business. In order to resolve problem it is important to understand it in best possible manner.

Team work

It seems simple to work along with people from differnent backgrounds. Working together may make a team but not an effective one. Team and effective team are two different things. One major difference is of value addition into the product or process they are working for. Just a team wont add much value, where as effective team will add optimum value to the area where it will be working. Working with team doesnt just mean to spend the working hours with team members and then go back home. Effective team is something beyond that. They understand strengths and weakneses of each other and try to achieve the common objective by their strengths and complimet each other area of improvement with their strengths. They dont blame for errors by any member, instead they find a reason for that error and try to resolve that error. Finding best solutions on their own is another important characteristic for effective team. In effective team, goal is crystal clear to every team member, and they further communicate to clear if any problems. In order achieve all this a effective team needs to be psychilogically, emotionally and socially conected to each other. Thats what is called ''Effective team''. Taking these qualities out will make it just a "TEAM". Target should always be to make effective team.

December 08, 2015

People in Organization

In apparent world it seems like organisation success is result of dedication, commitment and motivation to top level management. Which infect is not true. After studying relationship between organisational performance and its people. I realised how material, employees at operational level can contribute to organisational success or failure. What so ever the strategies are made by who so ever. If they are not executed with engagement and motivation, its highly probable those strategies are going to fail. Human satisfaction from work is key driver for commitment of workforce. It is as easy as difficult to achieve. Employees need to feel proud, safe and valued for their work. This needs to be part of every strategy to make this happen. If something is effecting these thing need to be considered seriously before rolling out final strategy. This can be done through money, but problem with this factor is that its not a sustainable solution. As people will want more and more. In order to keep confidence level of people high they need to be empowered , trained and appreciated for their work. So every person can feel his responsibility to ensure quality and efficiency of every operations.

I learnt how complex and simple is to deal with people. People need attention towards their work related and sometimes personal issues. They have got soft points, they can vary from person to person, but definet thing is everyone have them. Goal of leader is to identify them and target them so employee can feel part of the organisational family. Purpose of HR strategy shouldn't be to erect control systems to get specific work done by employees. It should be to create leaders at every operational level, who can take responsibility of their roles and tasks. This is the most sustainable way to keep the quality of operations high. Fulfilling cognitive needs of employees are the most sustainable way to engage employees in psychological contract. Result of all this will be efficient organisation delivering quality through quality systems. People are the core component of systems, who utilises all the infrastructure and resources to make organisation successful not the machinery.

November 18, 2015

Writing my first PMA

After thinking alot on four of the questions and considering alot complaexties in writing PMA, finally i stared reaseraching. I was not sure if i will be able to complete PMA or not. My target was to write minimum words to complete PMA. But soon i started writing i realised its not just writing pma its about alot of things which i havent consiered yet like formating, sorting out relevant inoforamrtion, referncing and drafting in a communicating way.

As i started drafing i realized that i have collected so much information in such an unorganized way that my format was not communicating the points which i wanted to make. Then i planned all of my PMA through mind map structure, and prepared a detailed mind map. Then i followed the mind map to complete allof my points in a proper sequence. After i finished i found i still havent written then minimum word limit. After reviewing i found that i have missed to include some of important models for discussion from my prevoius collected data into mind maps.

I learnt PMA is not just completing assingment. Its taught me how to do resarch on some topic. How to write on the topic about which you knew nothing few weeks before in a communicating and according to academic formating. How to express your own ideas. This writting exercise enhanced my writting skills to express my ideas, because i found writting can be one of longlasting and persuasive way to communicate new and complex ideas. In order to write effectively, planning is something which can become a key difference interms of time utilization and idea communication at the end.

October 16, 2015

Don't work HARD, work SMART !

Everyone have alot of things to remember and do every day. We forget alot of them and unable to do many tasks. Thats because we work HARD not SMART. What's SMART ? Its to do task more efficiently and by wasting less energy. Everyday many people come across many innovative ideas. The quicker they come the faster they forget. Time is enriched with ideas, the more it passes, the more ideas clicks the thoughts. To remember them and to organize into a much bigger idea, it is important to write those hypersonically flying ideas somewhere. So we can look at them in aerial view and develop connections and suggest improvements in them. Thats where we need MIND MAPPING. This is a tool to have and aerial view of all of your ideas and time.


Getting old ? Get MARRIED.

Shared inherent matrimonial cultures with team members.

October 14, 2015

Its not Oil, its TIME … The Scarce Resource !

As they say time is money, they say it true. Because its all about investing your time either in learning or earning. The more you learn, the sharper you become, and higher you earn. Crisis are result of not responding to the situation timely. Decision done on the basis of deep understanding of problem and timely actionS, are most effective decisions. To utilize time effectively, we need to learn to manage it first. Which we think we know, which infact we dont. Managing time is the continous learning process. The more we manage, the effective we become. Time is the mighty KEY to success.

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