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October 16, 2015

Don't work HARD, work SMART !

Everyone have alot of things to remember and do every day. We forget alot of them and unable to do many tasks. Thats because we work HARD not SMART. What's SMART ? Its to do task more efficiently and by wasting less energy. Everyday many people come across many innovative ideas. The quicker they come the faster they forget. Time is enriched with ideas, the more it passes, the more ideas clicks the thoughts. To remember them and to organize into a much bigger idea, it is important to write those hypersonically flying ideas somewhere. So we can look at them in aerial view and develop connections and suggest improvements in them. Thats where we need MIND MAPPING. This is a tool to have and aerial view of all of your ideas and time.


Getting old ? Get MARRIED.

Shared inherent matrimonial cultures with team members.

October 14, 2015

Its not Oil, its TIME … The Scarce Resource !

As they say time is money, they say it true. Because its all about investing your time either in learning or earning. The more you learn, the sharper you become, and higher you earn. Crisis are result of not responding to the situation timely. Decision done on the basis of deep understanding of problem and timely actionS, are most effective decisions. To utilize time effectively, we need to learn to manage it first. Which we think we know, which infact we dont. Managing time is the continous learning process. The more we manage, the effective we become. Time is the mighty KEY to success.

October 13, 2015


Got my fundamental business concepts challeneged in such a convincing way, that it persuaded me to move forward. Its TRUE, that every person somewhere deep down have esteem needs. But i have been believing the opposite for almost 8 years, it took only few moments to make a worthwhile U turn. In our tradtional system to keep motivation high you have to keep paying higher, the higher employees will get paid the more they spend, resultning in inflation spiral. Todays economic problems are result money oriented economies instead of people oriented economies. Fairness is key to dozens of problems and create durable management and economic systems.

October 12, 2015

Wait is over, here we go ! MBE 2015 !

Five different nationalities, cultures, educational backgrounds and expereinces, from all around the world, thousnads of miles away from homes on ONE TABLE. 180 degree experience of rollercoaster ride on modern exellence systems. Interesting to listen but hard to digest in first instance. Reshaping and adopting futuristic thinking patterns. Learning not just to stand on feet, but to stand tall and high. They say OMG, we say WMG !

October 2015

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