March 07, 2016

Let me Lead !

There are lot of theories developed on leadership, and over the period of time people have adopted different them as they believed that this will suit their circumstances and position to exercise them. Some theories states leader are born and other states they can be made through developing and training their skills, attributes and personalities. I believe both can happen. Some people are really born with extra ordinary skills and thinking style, which are new and different from others. They see what others can't see. But those things can be seen by others by improving their skills through educating and training them, to see the matters which are important for decision making. Its in hand of person to change himself. People do change, but the process of change from normal person to becoming a leader requires lot of efforts. That process can be putting that person into simulated environment to develop artificial stress and create near to realistic environment to make them strong psychologically and enable them to feel confident and take right decision in the circumstances, where no one knows what to do and their is no one who can help you with guaranteed right decision.

There is no doubt being leader is not an easy task. I believe leader must know all style of leaderships he should know how and when to become autocratic, democratic and lazies fare. One style of leadership can't fit all the circumstances. Leader can go through different circumstances and sensitivity of circumstances can differ as well. Its important for leader to access and understand the circumstances and then adopt the right leadership style. In some circumstance high skills and experience can be needed to overcome situation and no one is close to calibre of skills and qualities of leader, then leader must use his skills and experience to come up with solution. But in situation where leader is far from the problem its very important for leader to empower the people who are closer to that problem in terms of interaction and understanding, then in such case leader should let those people decide to solve their problem in to best of their understanding. In situations where brainstorming is needed to come up with new thoughts or to develop thoughts by exchanging ideas and developing a bigger idea on the basis of exchanging ideas with each other in organisation then leader can choose democratic approach.

But all these decisions can again differ in terms of intellectual quality of the people leader is dealing with. If those people are not highly skilled and don't know the bigger picture which organisation is trying to deal with or to achieve in the long run then involving them in the decision making process wouldn't be a nice choice. Even though great idea can come up from any part of organisation regardless of skills level. Intelligence have nothing to do with experience, skills and education. Its important for leader to understand and provide easy opportunity for people all around the organisation to easily share their ideas with higher level management, and those ideas should be evaluated while remaining unbiased. Leadership is as earlier said a complex role, which need to be understood and performed in a complex way, instead of taking generalised approach to minimise personal pain in short run but this will result in poor organisational results in long run.


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