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February 21, 2016

Effective Leader, stay away from me!

Human have emotions and fears of being unsafe. Traditional leadership is practised by knowing them and then using it against them to make realise their positional power. Such leaders believe by creating fear, not caring for people emotions and pushing them to work will show their strength as a leader. Traditionally right, but actually wrong! Because every person wants safety in terms of respect, job and career progression. They might won't demand, doesn't means that they actually don't want. Great leaders treat their people like parents. They care for them, they create and provide great environment for them to learn and excel, if they make mistake they forgive them, they don't count their children in heads they count them in terms of hearts and emotions, they don't alternate numbers with people, they sacrifice for the comfort of their people as parent do it for their children. There is no doubt that parents are great leaders for most of children.

Creating fear by pushing and yelling at people doesn't makes people to work better or run in one direction, they will run but in different directions. Resulting in uncoordinated team work. People are like chain if you push it from one side you exactly wont know that where will it go. One part may go forward but other parts will go here and there but if chain is pulled from one side then rest of chain will follow you. Leader should lead the people so they can follow you without leader saying anything to people and people saying to leader. This can be done by giving power back to people, once you will people will start giving power back to you again and deflect that power back to people it again, this process will make leader more powerful and this power will be more long lasting then positional power.

Problem starts when leader starts keeping some power to satisfy his ego or whatever. This results in decreased power deflection to people, so people also deflect back the decreased power and then leader again keeps some power, this process makes leader weak in long run and people starts losing trust in their leader. Keeping power means leader starts relying or starts exercising his positional power. Leadership is the most scarce resource, even scarce then oil and gold. People often confuse leadership with manager. One major difference from my discussion is manager pushes the people to get his task done and leader pulls the people to complete task. If leader wants to build his personal power, he must always not try to push people, create fear in them, not care emotions of people. He must always provide safety to it's people. If leader will give his blood, sweat and love to his people, people will deflect it back to leader.


Once I was a Leader

Most of the people wants to lead at some point of their life. As they lead they came across lot of challenges which teach them lot of new lessons. During last week i became leader a leader in one of the group excercise. I got excited when i got selected as a leader. But soon my excitment turned into information burden. Which was a challenge to understand in first instance but somehow i understood. Next challenge was to tell team about the objective of excersice. Which i did, but soon i realized that different team members got different level of understanding. As the excersize started i again realized different team members had a different expectations from me as a leader as some were expecting me to instruct and some were instructing to delegate, most of them had different pace of work. Activity finished, got reflections! Some of the major challenge which i faced were how to complete the task in tigh time bound deadline with engaged team. Task wasn't completed in time and team was also not fully engaged! Failure instigated lot of thoughts that how could we have done better, lots of ideas came across my mind.

But today i was walking through Warwick Art Centre, and saw some people practicing symphony for some competition going on in Art Centre. Melodious music forced me to stop there and listen, it was really nice! But i was amazed to see that how all the people were coordinating to play such a melodious music? When they finished, i asked the lady who was sitting closer to me. That how do you know that at what time which tone of music you have to play and when to stop and when to start playing again? Her reply really gave me a thought about some leadership questions which i was asking myself about last week leadership excercise, in which i performed as leader. She said the person who directs symphony tells team which sort of final music is he looking for. Then every instrument player share their ideas with leader and share their tones with each other. Once tones are decided they once agian played infront of leader to take his suggestions. This practice is done by every instrument player. Then leader tells if he wants some stronger tone then he allocates more intrument players in order to play that tone. After detailed planning we come up with sigle melodious performance.

Such an amazing lecture i got! I realized that it is important for leader to not just delegate but also discuss plan with every single or most of the team members take their suggestions, ask others to suggest something, then give his opinion. Every one should be delegated. Once delegated ask them dummy questions just to clarify that a team member know his role and know how his role is contributing to achieve objective. It takes time to do all that, but once this is done then its very easy to coordinate and work fast. But without any coordination and improper delegation it can be easy to start the task but soon leader will realize that every thing is getting messed up. In order to be an effective leader its important to spend time with team in order to develop a mutual understanding of task and develop mutualy agreeable plan to achieve it. Theratically it seems easy to be a leader, but its not. It got so complicated in such a short time and controlled environment, i was wondering how complex would it be to lead in the real world. I think leaders can learn a lot from an ochetraw, that how to lead a coordinated and engaged team towards final performance or objective.


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