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June 13, 2016

Did you heard about Information disaster?

We all would have had heard about the natural, economic, social or corporate disaster. But did you ever knew about information disaster? The World is facing a problem of information disaster. What is a disaster by the way? When it was asked to Mr. Google, its searched "an event or fact that has unfortunate consequences". Anything which is above the normal limits and threatens to break or disturb existing systems can be classified as a disaster as well. Intellects pronounced it as an information overload. In this lot of information is being created. A few years back, an international conference was held regarding "information overload" where experts from all around the world participated. Their information overload was considered as a problem for users to use, store and interpret that information. According to one statistical analysis, ten thousand pages were being written in one a few years back, and that trend was still increasing. Experts see this load as a threat to knowledge creation

Because information is the input for knowledge, and if information or various topics are abundantly available with diverse arguments, then analysing that information can be a challenge because developing a knowledge with the strong argument would become comparatively difficult and knowledge generation as a challenge. I think if this keep on happening information ocean can become a bottleneck in harmonious knowledge. For that, better and bigger systems need to be designed which can process and understand information faster than human brains so it can be converted into some summarized form. Which can then be further used by humans to develop an understanding of bigger picture of tacit, explicit and environmental knowledge? If not done developing knowledge on the basis of analysis of the small amount of data would be like catching fish from a sea and calling it unique without stronger evidence.

As in past information used to be unique and knowledge even more scarce. But a lot of information is available, even after that our global problem is increasing day by day either it is informed of terrorism, global warming, economic crisis and other. The question is what is still lacking even after so much availability of information our problems are increasing? Knowledge needs to address the problems or organisation or society, which is the challenge for knowledge management in future to create solutions. Knowledge management should be focused towards problems as well. We don't to fill data banks but another argument is that information generated by different people might be used by others which can lead to innovation. So nothing is wrong or right, but one thing I do know that human race hasn't reached its maximum intellectual capability. To achieve this goal more research is needed to develop better system for generating, processing and disseminating knowledge


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