September 12, 2005

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August 12, 2005

PlasTeam Website addition

Additional contents of PlasTeam have been put up on the web now. There are three more pages found on the website which provides further assistance to SMEs in the European Plastic Processing Supply Chain. These include the latest plastic industry news page which is formed by combining RSS feeds from various plastic related websites. Technology development and industry trends are covered in this section to keep PlasTeam and visitors up-to-date with the industry development. About PlasTeam page has also been setup which can give visitors more information about PlasTEam. Links to relevant websites are also put on the homepage which allows visitors to access the vast amount of plastic/polymer information on the web (e.g. PVC cutting process, CAD plastic prototyping, injection molding, recycling, University Polymer or Plastic research centre, National or European plastic organisations etc). PlasTeam is going to provide more relevant content and support to SMEs through continuous improveing our service quality.

August 10, 2005

PlasTeam Progress

PlasTeam is promoting its website and has received links from several major research institutions such as the Sheffield Polymer Research Center, PRC of Surrey University and Polymers And Complex Fluids Group from Lees University. It is an encouraging start which hopes to end in success.

July 28, 2005

PlasTeam link campaign

PlasTeam expert team maker has been working on a SEO campaign to boost its site ranking in the major search engine in order to increase its website traffic to reach more possible prospects on the web. By increasing our website visibility, PlasTeam aims at bringing more innovations and creativity into the European Plastic Processing Supply Chain(PPSC) to assist SMEs in the European region to become more competitive compared with the Asian and American counterpart. PlasTeam has been focusing on getting more inbounds from plastic related website. If you have a plastic related website in terms of products, technology development, industry specific issues, plastic industry directory or marketplace, PlasTeam would be more than pleased to set up reciprocal link with your website. If you are interested in it, please contact me at

July 23, 2005

Plastic FP6 project

EU has been striking for the best for European economic in order to help the region to become more competitive in business. Emphasise on research and innovation is effectively the key to differentiate any companies from competitions in the e-business environment. Plastic industry is no exception with PlasTeam project is setup to help SMEs in the region by providing them free FP6 instruments. Please learn more about the project by entering the website : Plasteam website

July 15, 2005

My project

Writing about web page

Project background

Internet is becoming more and more popular and the increase in connection speed have seen more sophisticated technlogies deployed in the e-environment. Life has been made easier and more convenient as loads of information is available on the net with space and time limitations are removed. Online transaction, real time interaction and individual customised services are not distinctive but the norms in an e-business environment.

Apart from changing the fundamental way that people live and rely on, internet has gradually exerting its influence on the B2B sector which is believed to be more significant to the entire economy. Real time information sharing allows companies to work more closely with one another as well as to compete in a more intensified business environment. Globalisation of trade leads to opportunities and challenges for enterprises and a new way of conducting business has emerged which is to collaborate and cooperate with companies within the supply chain to jointly create competitive edge. Mutual benefits and goodwill trust are the essential components in this new way of working and having the right technology is the foundation of the success. To optimise the benefits of the globalised business environment, companies have to find the best possibly partners in different parts of the world to find the best and the most cost effective ways of producing products or services. Without e-collaboration, companies may find themselves in difficulties to drive prices down, improve product quality and reduce lead time. The project I am currently working on, WMCCM (West Midlands Collaborative Commerce Marketplace) and PlasTeam provide solution to this problem. We offer free e-collaboration space targeting particularly SMEs in the UK West Midlands region and those involved in the European Plastic Processing Supply Chain respectively. SMEs, short of capital and human resources, have found it hard to adapt to the rapid changing business environment and customers requirements. WMCCM and PlasTeam help SMEs to aggregate their powers to continuously create innovations through collaboration. WMCCM and PlasTeam also increase SMEs' market presence on the web which allows them to access to more business prospects. Lastly, the problem of uncertainty about possible business partners is also addressed as competence profiling on members companies have to be performed before they can participate in our industry cluster and project space. This can help guarantee the qualities of our members' base.

In order to achieve these objectives, it is necessary for WMCCM and PlasTeam to get more exposure on the internet which requires significant effort in online marketing. In my project, I am responsible for the promotion of the website in the area of search engine optimisation. I have been working on increasing the focus of keyword, numbers of inbound links and to manage the freshness of the contents.

For more details about WMCCM and PlasTeam, please click on the following links:
WMCCM - West Midlands Collaborative Commerce Marketplace
PlasTeam - European Plastic Expert Team Maker
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