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April 30, 2013

KBAM: You or the Company?

What- Would you share all of your skills and knowledge no matter what position you are in for the company? Personally, I will. However, there is an assumption that first the knowledge is not harmful or toxic, and secondly the company I am working for is the company I love. Why will I share? People argue that protecting the from being stolen is very important, because knowledge is wealth and power. It is like a secret weapon that master the whole world (although it does not exist yet). This opinion is not wrong, but the reason I would like to share is because I am part of the company, and I am part of the system.

Why- I am part of the company, my purpose here is to create and generate benefits not only for the company but also for the whole people who are working for the company. It is true that if you hold you secret knowledge, you can gain a lot of short term benefit for YOURSELF. But you are part of the company, and you don't want the company go bankrupt. Therefore, sharing you knowledge with everyone in the organisation could not only bring the organisation into a new level but also the people will gain benefits. And then if the company increases, say sales because of your knowledge, you will also gain benefits from it. And this is an infinite positive cycle of contributing your knowledge to the company. In addition, it helps to break down the barrier of sharing knowledge if you can challenge. It may be the case that some people want to share the knowledge, but they are afraid of the system. Since you are the first person to break it the system, you gain your respect and create a rich knowledge sharing environment.

How- There is nothing wroing with sharing your skills/knowledge with the all the people in the world as long as the knowledge is not generally harmful (or morally acceptable). There are huge potential benfits of it. Imagine if the World Wide Web has not been shared and it is patent, how would the end up now?

P.S. I will be very much appreciate if we can adjust the size of font. Because in a 17 inch screen the words here are really small. In addition, if we can add colour to some words to emphases, it will also be great.

Knowledge Management: situation awareness

What- It was a surprised to me that "situation awareness" is a very interesting topic to study and a big issue in our world. I did not realise that this topic could be turned into a workshop. The reason is most of the cases study are about people making serious mistake because of different kinds of reasons or excuses. It is very apparently to me that how easily they can avoid mistakes IF they can give themselves a little bit more time to think about the issue they were facing. The session was fruitful because it reorganised my knowledge of making decision.

Why- The most important thing to think about after the workshop is what I can do to avoid making the similar mistake if I am in that kind of situations. I have many experiences and learning point of lacking situation awareness, and I learn from the mistake to avoid making the same mistakes again and again. Lacking situation awareness exists in my daily life although it has not been a threatening factor. But if I now ignores the potential problem of "situation awareness", in the future it may damage my business or even my family.

How- There is no perfect solutions for such area of improvement. I think, for me, is to maintain a peaceful and calm mind. Since everyone is unique and different, I am not sure that it works for everyone. I find very very often that if my mind is "quite" and peaceful, I can spot and observe many many hidden things. I can think and establish the connections between the dots much more quickly than my mind is in flying. The example is I am sure very few people can read and really think about the content when they are running, playing, or even jumping on the ground. The underlying principle is to maintain focus, to reduce the distractions. And the bottom line is to control and master the mind of body.

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