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April 22, 2013

RDM in module reflective writing – the decision tools

What- there is still no explicit knowledge about what kind of tools are designed for what kind of situation. For example, in WaveRiders case, we use SWOT to evaluate the marketing strategy. However, this approach is arguable. And in my opinion, SWOT may not be useful to evaluate a sing option of advertisement. Instead, SWOT could be more useful to understand company' overall position. In addition, there are many decision tools that serve nearly the same function and hence they are somehow overlap. It is important to select and identify one or two useful decision tool. But the question is how to do it. Why- this is the time issue. A small company like WaveRider does not have lots of time and financial resources for allowing them to use mutiplie decisions tools at the same time. Hence, getting the first decision tool right become crucial important. This is like the idea of DFSS. The difference is to get the decision tool right at the first time. How- evaluation and ask question are important. When team has finally decided to use that specific decision tool, ask questions before they start to implement it. Expert and experienced people can be useful to provide external opinions.

RDM In Module Reflective Writing– the role of data

What- when making a decision, data are very important. A good source of data could give management team a good result. And of course wrong data collected could lead to very unfavourable outcomes. For example, when using cost-benefit analysis, the financial figured used for the calculation must be corrected since the whole cost-benefit analysis relies heavily on data. Why- the role of data is important. But the problem is how to ensure that the data are collected correctly? There are two ways of ensuring the data are valid. First of all, it may be useful to double check the data again after they collect. Secondly, data collection can use different sources to validate the trueness of data. How- in the past I was focus too much on how to use decision tool, and ignore the possibility that the data may not be correct. From now on, I will question the sources of data and whether they are indeed correct or now. But the ways to validate are still to be explored and study.

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