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March 07, 2013

A new leader should be Glocal

What- This is not a new and hot topics anymore. Leaders in 19th century are greatly different from 21st century. As the political and economic environment change rapidly, a leader now should be able to lead the company differently. It is necessary for a leader to understand and sense what is happening in your country (locally) as well as the rest of the world (globally).

Why- Customers are getting dynamic. A few hundred years ago, there were very little American or British customers in China, I guess. Thinking about what happen now is that the organisation is dealing with the customer from all over the world, either through direct visit in the shop or Internet shopping. Focusing only on local customer is limit for a company to grow. In addition, how can a leader respond to this change effective still remains quite challenge. There are many problems when leading a new team in a new country, for example, culture, politics, social and so on. But the real problem, I think, is that leader fails to change people's mind. They want to stay in their comfort zone, and cannot sense the risk of being bankruptcy or hostile takeover etc.

How- To be a successful glocal leader in the future requires me to be resilient and self-corrected. Right now I need to fully open my mind to the world, rather than focusing on reading British, USA and Chinese news only. I need to be able to accept all the opinions from different people, and try to organise these opinions into different categories and look at the connection. And I will pratice my communication skill and let my voice to be heard.

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