January 23, 2017

..Just something about myself

I enjoy myself in discovering the most ignored details in daily life and try my best to utilize metaphors. I have made up my own kind of thinking towards things. Such as “the vacant between darkness and light is the breath of life” “The bare stare may run like a hare, suck the blood out of humanity’s care.”Fascinated by the way writers cast a strong influence on the readers, I truly wish I could study English further and extend my recognition of a certain subject for which I have develop my intense enthusiasm.g


I went to Birmingham yesterday.And some pictures were taken.

Reminds me of Tennyson's "In Memorian A.H.H"

"Old Yew,which graspet at the stones/

That name the under-lying dead/

Thy fibres not the dreamless head/

Thy roots are wrapt about the bones./



I had forgotten my password and I just reset it today. But I do note down everything I experienced or found amusing and fabulous.

"Eve",name of the first female,I'll make it the first title of entry.

I've watched "Sense and sensibility"which was filmed in 2008 yesterday,and those sublime lines did make me favorably impressed.

"And I have felt a presence,that disturbs me with the joy of elevated thoughts.A sense of sublime,of something far more deeply interfused,whose dwelling is the light of setting,suns,and the round ocean and the living air."

Elinor was courtly and reserved,Marianne was candid and passionate,which was seen as an allusion to sense and sensibility.

"He loves me...no,he doesn't." The ambiguity of emotions and affections may bring a flood of intense enthusiasm or aching emptiness and agony.After all,we are all human beings.

Only after losing,one can cherish what he owns.


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