About me

About me

Yutong Lian

I am Iris, my Chinese name is Lian Yutong. I’m from Beijing, the capital of China. I’m a very diligent and outgoing person, still study in university now. My major is advertising.
I’m fond of eating different kinds of foods and taking photos for them. In addition, I am a super fan at outdoor activities, like running, climbing and playing badminton. On the weekend, I really enjoy spending my time with my family (watching TV together or going shopping in the mall). Well, I am also engaging in drawing and singing after I finish my homework.
The one main reason for me to come here is that I want to be postgraduate in 2 years and continue to finish my academic career in England. I dream of doing the things I want as well as getting a high-paid job in the future. What’s more, I sincerely hope the people who love me are happy forever.

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