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April 20, 2015

Yu Tang,ACCA & Barton's Speech Address: Five Trends Reshaping the Global Economy

Mr Yu Tang, ACCA (Chartered Certified Accountant) and Dominic Barton (the current Global Leader at McKinsey & Company) are delivering an excellent presentaiton: "How closely Chinese are approaching to wealth"?

There has been an inevitably global trend that the global market has been shifting within the past 50 years. In fact, Chinese people have been perceived all around the world, but it doesn't mean many of these individuals entirely understand China, and even intend to accept the global status of China, especially, with its resulting effect on the western world. Over billions of stirling are flooding into the UK's captial markets at following years from China. Therefore, please consider your Chinese people around, clients, employees, entrepreneurs, graduate students, and potential markets at a large and to which extent understanding Chinese is about to raise your own opportunities to acquire the markets, investment projects and most importantly, jobs. In the recruitment process, shutting down the door to Chines potentially means that you are gradually marching to business failure.

Proximity to wealth deludes people into believing that they wield it. There must be the reason why Mr. Tang, ACCA , Mr. Dominic and many public figures who point out what the key role this Asian country now is playing in the world. Nonetheless, if you happen not to have the common sense with it, we'll see the end who is right. Only time will suggest it.

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