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May 07, 2015

Warwick Wiki: Mr Yu Tang, ACCA

Follow-up to Mr Yu TANG was awarded the Sheffield Graduate Award with a Warm Compliment on July 21, 2014 from Mr Yu Tang, ACCA's Homepage

Sidney Tang, ACCA at the Asia Investment Banking Conference on September 03-04, 2015




People's Republic of China


Warwick Business School, University of Warwick (Master of Science);

the University of Sheffield (Bachelor of Arts, Dual Hons)


Introducing SMBR model: exploring the role of Social Media enhancing relationship and brand equities in relation to Purchase Intention4 (Distinctive Dissertation)


Shanghai Pudong Development Bank - Investment Banking Division (PM);

McKinsey and Company (Webex, May 2015)



The "Sheffield Graduate" Award 2014 & 2.1 Dual Honours (counting towards Higher Education Achievement Report, HEAR UK);

Membership of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants(ACCA)5;

The 2015 Delegate of Asia Investment Banking Conference (Hong Kong);

The Dean's Honourable Letter within 2011-12

Nomination of Chancellor's Medal by the Sheffield University Council etc.

Sidney Yu TANG
Traditional Chinese

Wikipedia-Personal Homepage

Award Congregation1


SMBR-PI Modeling4

Biography 2016

Deloitte UK's certificate callings

2014年“谢菲尔德毕业生”卓越成就奖获奖者(the Sheffield Graduate Award 2014)名单

Puppet Manipulation{=Securities underwriting; PE; P4:Business analysis & P3:Advanced financial management (ACCA)}.sgm


certificate of ACCA membership(non-practising)



  • P4: AFM (Financial management)   is concerned with the efficient and effective management of funds (money) in such a means as to achieve the principal objective of organisations, i.e. maximising shareholders' value (wealth). It is a specialised function directly associated with the top management. 3 fundamental decisions are relevant - Investment, financing and dividend decisions.       
  • Debt-Financing instruments(发债)、securities underwriting(承销): 帮助非金融企业在银行间债券市场发放债务融资工具,并且约定在一定期限内还本付息的有价证券, 如:SCP/CP/MTN/PPN/ABN/SMECN, 永续债。
  • P3: BA (Business analysis)  is referred to a research discpline of identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems.       

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