October 19, 2014

My Commitment to Self–Development

Bitters; tinggvu(Shinichi Kudo); SASORI; 英国のSidney YTang

I'm firmly convinced that genius is nothing but diligence and tenacity.
My Core Competency: Passcode: ivtk  

A Elevator Pitch:

I spent 3 year studying at the Sheffield University, and crowned many awards academically and professionallyto my abilities . Last year, I was the group Porject manager at university.

My team placed their faith in me, as they truly believe that they have a very responsible, experienced and briliant leader

who was able to represent their interests of the whole group and thus take them to the top. I'm middle of road, strong in defence and team player.

If there is someone who can work with chief, I'd like to be that person.

《凌驾于13亿人之上的头脑》傀儡技法<傀儡术-红秘技-百机操演(Puppet Manipulation)=ACCA-financial management (qualified)>
My abilities
the Basic Capability of Independent study & Paraphrasing skills (獨立思考和釋义改述)---->  
* Core Competencies: Investment Funds; 
(IIF: collective investment scheme/asset management scheme)
Given expertise in accounting & financial management 
(ACCOUNTING is the measurement, processing and communication of financial data and economic entities;
FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT is the efficient and effective management of funds in such a way as to achieve the overall objective of organisations, i.e. maximisation of shareholders' wealth). It is specialised functions directly associated with top management.
SMBR-PI modeling®️ 
* Distinctive Competencies: Academic English (Advanced) 高級學術英語-多語言精通者; Statistical Analysis & Data Mining, influential skills etc.

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  1. Tier 2 (Highly Skilled Migrant Programme- HSMP), 而奋斗。2015年的我,为了试炼,信念的考验,需要更多更多的能力,实力的证明,选择的考虑——我的路,我的信念,我需要去证明的决心,努力之人必将受其欣赏。证明此点,才是我的将来。

    04 Jan 2015, 00:51

  2. &#24863;&#35874;&#32773;

    至今为止(Oct 2014-present),我还是相当感谢那些曾经透过简历并且很乐意给我回复的大公司的,在这里表示一份我由衷的感谢,其中包括Credit Suisse (Online Testing for 3 departments), UBS (Online Testing),FTI Consutling (Assessment Center at London Office), Standard Life Investments (Tel interview),M&G investments(3 Testings),KPMG (Smart Session); 如果真有一天,我能够靠自己的力量证明了我对这个世界的意义,做到了其他人所做不到的事情,那么我依然会继续在信念这条路上走下去——

    19 Jan 2015, 11:22

  3. Yu Tang

    To achieve the professional excellence, I joined the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank co.Ltd, as a senior product manager-Investment Banking at the Manager Level (M1), while I was professionally entitled as charterholder of ACCA performing statutory rights and obligations overseas. Also, my core competencies are Debt Capital Market analysis, AFM and SBL (ACCA fully qualified). I’m firmly convinced of the fact that Genius is nothing but Diligence and Tenacity.

    31 Jul 2019, 18:00

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    26 Sep 2020, 20:18

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