October 02, 2004

observations and perceptions

there r two things that impress me most in britain. one is that the population here is much smaller than in china, which brings about lots of advantages. the competition is not quite intense, and u don't have to break ur back in order to survive. the pace of living here is slow, with activities mostly starting at 9:00 and even later on weekends. buildings r low and elegantly structured. almost every family lives in a house, with red bricks and white windows, just like what we used to see in the movies. large areas of meadow, which is unimaginable in china, where every piece of land is cultivated either for residence or for farming. in a word, people here live a slow and relaxed life. everybody takes his time.
the other thing is that individuality is observed, be it consciously or unconsciously. u can be dressed in any way u like, walk in any way, doing whatever, without being laughed at or frowned upon. u feel easy about being alone in a large crowd.

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