October 13, 2005

IDC Intro to web design, part 3

Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/arts/theatre_s/cp/study/design/resources/robertstechnical/session3/part3/

In addition to HTML now we learned about CSS-used to change the colour of backgrounds, font size etc.

IDC Intro to web design, part 2

Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/arts/theatre_s/cp/study/design/resources/robertstechnical/session3/part2/

Definition of HTML and got some real encodings and try some exercises as a practice

IDC Intro to web design, part 1

Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/arts/theatre_s/cp/study/design/resources/robertstechnical/session3/part1/

a content refers to appearance whereas presentation indicates that visual look and layout of the page. e.g. if you want all titles of the page to appear in red colour(presentation), then you would have to add something to each of the titles that makes it red.(content)

advantages;you would be able to arrange more easily,(e.g. you dont have to worry about the possibility of changing position phicically when you wannna replace it.you can update the page or whole website quicker, you may use the language called CSS when you wanna define presentaion separately.

October 06, 2005

Days in Bmth

Not rated
To b earnest I dont know about Green day and their songs, I came across 'Wake me up' on the way home by car with my hostfamily. This reminds me them.

September 29, 2005

My favorites

this program is one of my favorite TV program in Japan. Im afraid you cannot watch it unless you are in Japan. Ive in the UK for more than 3 months, but even now sometimes miss stuff in Japan, say, TV programs. Dont know why but my Korean friends can watch any programs running in Korea through the net, but I can't. Now I havent decided if I gonna back to Japan during christmas holidays, but some TV programs are calling up me..

Launching a blog in foreign launguage

Getting colder in Warwick

Although I do have my blog in Japanese my first time to set up one in English. Sorry about my fantastic English, but Im trying hard to improve it. I know it takes time.
Let me tell you what Ive done today:

  • went to the GP to take vaccination of mumps and meningitis( not knowing which kind of desease these are)

  • read the book advised by Jonathan on July for the first time

  • started filling an application form for Stewards in the artscentre

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