January 15, 2007

My blog move to…

Sorry it is difficult to maintain more than one blog in different place.
My permanent blog will be here:

welcome everyone shift to the new address.
Thanks a lot.

December 06, 2006

Monkey on my back– First monkey number is GEB

The monkey number is Geb.
I have doen the task appointed by Jeff and to bring up this monkey.
Although, before i know some knowledge about the species of this monkey.

but this my first to bring up the monkey by my along in warwick.
so it still take me a much time to rear it.
any way…. the final when it was grow up, i am not satisfied his appreance but i still must to bring it show to Jeff on 4/12.

and on 4/12 not just me will bring the monkey I accounted for.
Jeff appoint the task to many people, i think he is very greed and
very like monkey.. i hope he will not look down on my monkey.
Althouh it is very ugly. haha…

October 27, 2006

I cook,because I am in Warwick

October 23, 2006

Have you tasted "" It is going to close restaurant" Food?

I saw a news yesterday from Taiwan website.
There is a new restaurant is running in Taiwan, Hsinchu(my hometown)
The restaurant name is called” It is going to close restaurant”

The dishs’ name are provided in this restaurant are special as well.
Such as “distasteful coffee”, ” de-ice beer”, “strange soft drink”, “distasteful meal” are showned on their mark, and business time is ” I don’t know, depend on my feeling”

Customer A: I want two “de-ice beer” and one “distasteful coffee”?
Waiter : no problem, wait a moment?

But incredibly, this restaurant have a lot customers that was knowned by sharing email. :P

I want to try as well when I go back to Taiwan for a holiday and also I wonder the food is really not taste or just kidding.??

P.S the news from TVBS.
shop markshop mark

October 22, 2006

Amazing Warwick university student schedule

I just finish planing my 2006-2007 schedule.
If you are a warwick student, you will have a long long schedule like me, this schedule was made by 8 pages A4-sheet. I do really like to make plan in advance. but my mon always said” you have a lot thinkings at night, but do nothing at day. = =” ... actually, my mom is wrong, if I will not carry out my schedule, i will fail in my master course.
I can’t image it..

I did that, because I can plan my study and travel and control the time easily, to make sure it will not delay my PMW works. Do you think it is good idea?

my schedule

my schedule

my schedule


First post –Where do I come from

Writing about web page http://taiwan.net.tw

I am happy being a student again in Waiwick university and I like enviornment and enjoy my studtent in here.

I want to introduce Taiwam first, my country.
Taiwan is small, but it include amazing nature,living cultures,nonstop activities, delicious cuisine, .....

I found a promotion film from youtube, the film was issued by taiwan.net.tw website.

Welcome you come to Taiwan, you will not regret to have travel in Taiwan, it will touch your heart,beyound your expetations.
If you want have journey to Taiwan, welcome feel free to ask any question to me, I will do my best to reply your question about Taiwan.

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