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February 02, 2013



In previous blog entries, I mentioned that I have improved on my spontaneity, commercial awareness, reflective thinking and time management. In the current blog, I am going to address my improvement on time management, in which, I will focus on how my improvement on time management has helped me.

Currently, I am collecting data for my dissertation, it includes recruiting participants, room booking, and running the experiment. Beforehand, I felt that it was going to be a daunting task as undergraduates are not allowed to pay for participants, making recruiting very difficult. On top of that, participants were to be assigned into time slots that suit them and me. When they were carrying out the experiment, I would wait outside the room. I expected the process to be time-consuming task and labour intensive. As a finalist, there is a very high workload; I found it hard to catch up with the endless readings alone, with the experimenting, it seemed almost impossible. To help with this problem, I adapted several time management skills. Whenever I waited outside the room, I would read. Also, I would limit the times I watch TV series which used to be the biggest reason that hinder my study, by limiting myself to one episode per day during dinner time, my readings and work got done faster.

Although I did keep myself to one episode per day, I did not do as much readings as I expected myself to do. I feel that I need to keep improving on my ability to focus, to be more specific, whenever I set myself a goal; I need to stick to it and not get distracted by other distractions. By far distractions are my worst enemy, and my future action point is set to help overcome my problems with distractions. I will keep on limiting myself to one TV episode, when I have not achieved my goal for the day, I will not allow myself to go on facebook or check the news. By achieve this action point; I hope to become more organized and confident knowing that I am keeping up with my study.

January 01, 2013



I have gradually improved my being spontaneous from the work experiences I had during this holiday. After workingat a law firm, I have greatly improved my ability to be spontaneous. There were needs to contact external organisations, and times when I need to go to a venue to collect evidences and documents without an early notice. I feel that I am used to being impromptu now and I am pleased to say that being spontaneious is not a problem anymore.

Last week, I mentioned watching Channel 4 news to improve my commercial awareness. Since coming back to Hong Kong, I have been watching local news instead which is equally helpful. Also my commercial awareness is improved by discussing daily news with my parents during dinner. Relating to this is to apply new information to situations. To be more specific, when I read a piece of news, I thought about how it would affect a lawyer. For instance, the dispute against Apple from Samsung; Apple was accused of infringe of patent, I thought about the reason behind Samsung??s action and what that meant to other businesses from that area and how customers were affected.

In the first entry, I considered practicing reflective thinking as an action point, and I have been doing it as frequently as I can. Reflective thinking definitely helped to improve my performances on goals I want to achieve, it helped me consider what I have done right and wrong.

The last action point I mentioned was to Improve self-management, since working at a law firm, my time is more organised, although, working also means that I have less time to work on my academic work. However, I have managed to fly back to the UK on the 3rd of January so that I have two weeks to work on my assignments. The working experiences I had in this holiday definitely improved my self-management and I am confident to say that I will be able to manage my time effectively when I get back to the UK.

December 08, 2012


Follow-up to First entry on Getting started on skills development and the Warwick Skills Portfolio from Yentl's WSPA blog

Last week, I have learnt about my learning style and found myself slightly weaker as an activist and pragmatist. I then suggested that I needed to be more spontaneous and less dependent on plans, surprisingly, just by setting this as an action point, I found it easier to be spontaneous! I went to an impromptu social in Leamington yesterday with my flatmates. One thing that I realised from this is that there is something that always hold me back from being impromptu in the past, and it was my own thoughts in my head! Everytime when something unplanned came up, I would try hard to come up with excuses to avoid myself from being impromptu, for example, I would tell myself that I feel sick so I should not go out but in fact I was just too lazy to get dressed.

Although commenting that I was weaker as a pragmatist, I did not set up an action point last week. Therefore, this week I set myself a goal to work out the way to apply new information to situations. I plan to go into the legal profession in the future, therefore, I set myself a target that whenever I read a news article, I will think about how that particular news could affect me if I were a lawyer.

Another action point from last week was to improve my commercial awareness by going to a workshop and reading news daily, I have done both during the past week. However, I found another way that helps me improve my commercial awareness in the most efficient and effective way- watching Channel 4 news daily. It was particularly helpful because it was visual and audio which is the best way to learn new information.

The last action point was to work more and less procrastinating, to be more specific, I will reduce the amount of time I spend to watch TV series and going on youtube.

As Christmas is approaching, there will be more distractions around me, however, I will try my best to stick to the action points!

November 26, 2012

First entry on Getting started on skills development and the Warwick Skills Portfolio

Workshop Tutor: Charlie Cunnigham


My main intention to achieve the Warwick skills portfolio award is to learn more about my skills, other than the ones that I am already aware of, i.e., dancing and piano playing. Also, to recognise skills that might be useful for my future career.

I signed up for the introduction workshop to learn more about the award, and my expectation for this workshop was merely an introduction to the award. However, it turned out to be much more interesting than just an introduction (I have never enjoyed a 3-hour long talk before this)!

I like that it was interactive and the activities provided a chance for me to exchange ideas with other people, it is interesting to know about the different perspectives people have towards one simple concept. For instance, the concept of reflective thinking, I personally think that it is like looking at your own reflection in a mirror, checking if what you are wearing suits you, if it does not, you get change into something else, i.e., reflective thinking helps you to see what is right for you. Some people think that reflective thinking is giving yourself time to process the large amount of information you receive each day, and to form a picture of what you have learnt from the information.

To my surprise, I also found out that my learning style is a mixture of activist, reflector, theorist and pragmatist! I am however weaker as an activist and pragmatist. I am not spontaneous and always stick to the rules.


  1. Try to be more spontaneous and not depend entirely on plans.

    Action: Just say yes. If a friend ask me to go study with her or to a social, I would say yes.

  2. Improve my commercial awareness.

    Action: I have applied to a commercial awareness workshop held by BPP law school.

    Start reading BBC news and The Economist daily.

  3. Reflective thinking.

    Action: Give myself 10 minutes before going to bed to reflect on what I did during the day, things that I did well and things that need to improve on.

  4. Improve self-management.

    Action: Less procrastinating, more working.

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