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January 01, 2013


Follow-up to 2ND FOLLOW UP BLOG FOR SPEEDY READING from Yentl's WSPA blog

I mentioned last week that there is still rooms to improve for the tapping technique, I worked for a judge two weeks ago, I come across large amount of cases every day, and this allowed me to practice the technique. The past week, I worked at a law firm instead, and this gave me more opportunities to practice speed reading. To evaluate, one of my responsibilities was to close files, which was to go through the cases and check of the information were correct. There was no need to go through them in details, I only needed to look for relevant words, which is similar to speed reading. Through this, I practiced looking for important words. On top of this, I went through the materials with a guide, i.e., a pen which helped me to focus and read faster.

In the last entry, I mentioned to time myself while reading articles for the assignments. I have spent around 10-20 minutes per day in the last week to do this, my speed has increased slightly, and I hope that my speed will increase gradually in the future.

December 27, 2012


Follow-up to FOLLOW–UP FOR SPEEDY READING from Yentl's WSPA blog

Last week I specifically reviewed on the problem that I had in the workshop and what ¡¥went wrong¡¦ regarding comprehension. Since then, I have been trying out the strategies that I suggested last week.

For the tapping technique, since I am working for a judge at the moment, I come across large amount of cases every day. I would skip out the conjunction words, although it is quite difficult to carry out at first since I had no background of that particular case. I will gradually skip out more words other than just the conjunction words, it is better to first get used to not reading them. As for the guide technique, I still find it very useful and am constantly adapting to it.

Recently I have realized that I did not time myself whenever I read because obviously it would be quite awkward to time myself when I am working with a judge. Also I am occupied with a lot of work at the moment, I hardly find time to sit down and read. One possible way to resolve this would be to time myself while reading articles for the assignments.

December 14, 2012


Follow-up to First entry on Speed reading from Yentl's WSPA blog

Last week I mentioned that I should try reading with a guide and practise speed reading every day for 10 minutes, after a week, I definitely see improvements in speed and comprehension. This is the opposite of what happened during the workshop in which I found decreased comprehension with increased speed.

I once tried speed reading a magazine while having my hair cut in a salon, in spite of all the noises, I still read well in terms of speed and comprehension! This was the most impressive speed reading experiences I have had, and also made me realise that noises are not a detrimental distraction when a right method is used.

Through practices, I recognised what I have done wrong during the workshop. When I speed read in the workshop, I used the tapping method but I tapped on the wrong words (words that were not key words), and so although I did remember the words, I did not catch the meaning of the whole sentence! Obviously enough then, I ended up answering the questions wrongly!

My aim for this week is to continue to practice with the right method and see if it works, and also to see if there are any other ways that can be used to further improve my speed read.

December 05, 2012

First entry on Speed reading

Workshop Tutor: Han-Na Cha


At the beginning of the workshop, we did a reading test to access how fast or slow of a reader we are. I was a slow to average reader which was not surprising at all, this was the whole reason why I signed up for this workshop!

We were then thaught about the different strategies to increase our reading speed, one of which was to use a guide while reading. To me, this strategy worked best and instantly increased my reading speed without reducing my comprehension. However, another strategy did not work for me, and it was to eliminate sub-vocalization. From the effective learning workshop, I learnt that I am an aural learner, and so I learn best when informations are vocalised. This is demonstrated by the fact that when I tried to eliminate subvocalisation, not only did the reading speed reduced, the comprehension also reduced significantly.

The most memorable task I did was the first comprehension test because I got the lowest mark in the group! From the task, I realised that there is a trade-off between speed and comprehension, i.e., I tried too hard to read quicker, I meant a lot quicker than I usually read, I barely understood or remembered the content!


  1. Using a guide.

    Action: As mentioned above, I found this technique particularly useful, therefore, I will try to use a guide (pen) when I read from now on.

  2. Right posture and right distance.

    Action: Sit straight and place the material at the right distance from myself.

  3. Tapping technique.

    Action: During the workshop, I was not used to this technique yet, and I need to find my own pattern when using this technique. Therefore, I will try this out and figure out my pattern.

  4. Practice, practice, practice!

    Action: practice makes perfect, I will practice speed reading for 10 minutes everyday.

    Also, I will try to read quicker but not significantly quicker that I completely miss out the content!

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