January 01, 2013



I have gradually improved my being spontaneous from the work experiences I had during this holiday. After workingat a law firm, I have greatly improved my ability to be spontaneous. There were needs to contact external organisations, and times when I need to go to a venue to collect evidences and documents without an early notice. I feel that I am used to being impromptu now and I am pleased to say that being spontaneious is not a problem anymore.

Last week, I mentioned watching Channel 4 news to improve my commercial awareness. Since coming back to Hong Kong, I have been watching local news instead which is equally helpful. Also my commercial awareness is improved by discussing daily news with my parents during dinner. Relating to this is to apply new information to situations. To be more specific, when I read a piece of news, I thought about how it would affect a lawyer. For instance, the dispute against Apple from Samsung; Apple was accused of infringe of patent, I thought about the reason behind Samsung??s action and what that meant to other businesses from that area and how customers were affected.

In the first entry, I considered practicing reflective thinking as an action point, and I have been doing it as frequently as I can. Reflective thinking definitely helped to improve my performances on goals I want to achieve, it helped me consider what I have done right and wrong.

The last action point I mentioned was to Improve self-management, since working at a law firm, my time is more organised, although, working also means that I have less time to work on my academic work. However, I have managed to fly back to the UK on the 3rd of January so that I have two weeks to work on my assignments. The working experiences I had in this holiday definitely improved my self-management and I am confident to say that I will be able to manage my time effectively when I get back to the UK.

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  1. Charlie Cunningham

    Hi Yentl,

    First of all let me apologise for not commenting on your follow up blogs for the P1 workshop. I missed them as you were also blogging for other workshops.

    I enjoyed reading your blogs and it is obvious you have worked hard to achieve certain targets around spontaneity, commercial awareness, reflective thinking and time management.

    What I would like you to do in your final entry, reflecting on your overall learning over the time since the workshop is to focus on a specific experience and analyse it in more detail for each action point. For instance in terms of being spontaneous, can you pick one experience of, for example, contacting an external organisation – what precisely did you have to do? What did you feel about this before you did it? What did you expect to happen? What techniques/previous learning did you apply? What actually happened? What did you do well? What did you not do well? How do you feel about this? What did you learn? What will you do in the future? What barriers are there to further progress? How might you overcome this challenge?

    As you set future action points for yourself, make sure they are SMART – that they are specific, measurable (how do you measure whether you are being more spontaneous?), achievable, relevant (write down what achieving the goal will enable you to do) and time bound (when are going to measure your success?)

    Please post the final entry as soon as possible (300-400 words) and I will confirm completion of the module.

    Best wishes,

    Charlie Cunningham
    Workshop Tutor

    25 Jan 2013, 15:12

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