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December 27, 2012


Follow-up to FOLLOW–UP FOR SPEEDY READING from Yentl's WSPA blog

Last week I specifically reviewed on the problem that I had in the workshop and what ¡¥went wrong¡¦ regarding comprehension. Since then, I have been trying out the strategies that I suggested last week.

For the tapping technique, since I am working for a judge at the moment, I come across large amount of cases every day. I would skip out the conjunction words, although it is quite difficult to carry out at first since I had no background of that particular case. I will gradually skip out more words other than just the conjunction words, it is better to first get used to not reading them. As for the guide technique, I still find it very useful and am constantly adapting to it.

Recently I have realized that I did not time myself whenever I read because obviously it would be quite awkward to time myself when I am working with a judge. Also I am occupied with a lot of work at the moment, I hardly find time to sit down and read. One possible way to resolve this would be to time myself while reading articles for the assignments.



This week, I will continue working in the library for as long as I can. I found that sometimes I made an effort to go library but I could not stay for long as I would get tired, also, the library provides wireless which comes with distractions such as Facebook and email.

As suggested by the tutor, I should plan what my work is, what needs internet and what doesn¡¦t. During daytime, I aim to finish work that require internet in the library, and at night, I aim to finish those that don¡¦t require internet as the library is closed at 8pm. Having said this, it is not easy to carry out as I am shadowing a barrister and a judge at the moment, most of my daytime is used to work with them, and I only get around two hours max a day for the work that requires internet.

However, two hours a day is definitely not enough, as the work that require internet include online applications to law firms and researches for my assignments. One method that might mitigate this problem is to download the articles that are useful for my assignments in the library, and read them at home at night, by doing this, my time at the library can be utilised to work on online applications.

Another problem mentioned at the start was my tiredness while working in the library; I find that going for a walk, breathing in fresh air helps to wake me up. However, as mentioned by the tutor, I should reward myself when appropriate as oppose to whenever, I would reward myself with a walk or go on Facebook or to check emails after finishing an online application or anything similar to that.

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