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December 14, 2012


Follow-up to First entry on Speed reading from Yentl's WSPA blog

Last week I mentioned that I should try reading with a guide and practise speed reading every day for 10 minutes, after a week, I definitely see improvements in speed and comprehension. This is the opposite of what happened during the workshop in which I found decreased comprehension with increased speed.

I once tried speed reading a magazine while having my hair cut in a salon, in spite of all the noises, I still read well in terms of speed and comprehension! This was the most impressive speed reading experiences I have had, and also made me realise that noises are not a detrimental distraction when a right method is used.

Through practices, I recognised what I have done wrong during the workshop. When I speed read in the workshop, I used the tapping method but I tapped on the wrong words (words that were not key words), and so although I did remember the words, I did not catch the meaning of the whole sentence! Obviously enough then, I ended up answering the questions wrongly!

My aim for this week is to continue to practice with the right method and see if it works, and also to see if there are any other ways that can be used to further improve my speed read.


Follow-up to First entry on Effective learning strategies from Yentl's WSPA blog

Last week, I mentioned that my main problem was that I plan absolutely everything but I often find it difficult to start or to stick to the plan. Throughout the past week, I still found this a problem some times; however, it did improve in terms of frequency.

I was more realistic about my plans, for instance, finish one application for one law firm and read one chapter for a module in a day. Being more realistic definitely helped to finish tasks more effectively; however, I was often distracted by things around me. For example, while working on an application, I would browse around other websites, slowing down the whole process, at the end of the day I would find myself not finishing an application or the work that I intended to finish.

I realised that distractions in the environment hinder me from sticking to the plan. Since realising this, I have started to work in a library. Also, I worked much more efficient when I have no access to the internet (at home in Hong Kong, there is no wireless). However, this is not a feasible solution as a lot of the academic work require internet access; therefore, a better way to minimise distractions is to change the environment that I work in.

I also found that setting up deadlines to start a task very useful as I react best to deadlines, on top of that, setting myself into the 'focus mood' definitely put me into a zone where I find it much easier to focus on my work. I have mentioned in the last entry that blogging puts me into the 'focus zone'; in fact, having a schedule to blog motivates me to be more organised with my other work!

I wish that my skills would improve more and more over the next term as the next two terms will be the busiest terms during my undergraduate life!

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