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October 15, 2004

Big Wool Me

I finished my Big Wool project!!

When I last time saw the Big Wool in a yarn shop in Coventry, I said it was not as good as I imagined.

But after I've received the balls, I changed my mind immediately and it is acutally very soft and smooth. And because it's 100% wool, there isn't any wired feeling in my mind, coz I just don't like anything contains viscose or nylon or acryl or polyester…anything which is unnatural.

So I followed the pattern No. 29 Doll on The Big Just Got Bigger for the scarf. The scarf originally was made of two colours yarns, but I found it becomes inflexiable on the edges where I changed colours. So I decided to use 1 colour only and it actually took me only 1 ball. I also made a mistake by misunderstanding the diameter of the pompoms. I thought the semidiameter was 10 cm but actually the diameter should be 10 cm, so I made a huge pompom and realised the mistake. Therefore, I devided this huge ball into 4 small balls and attached two to each end of the scarf, and it turned out nice!

I used 2/3 of another ball to make a hat following pattern No. 23 Vinster. I wanted to knit pattern No. 16 Ona first, but there should be some problems with the pattern and the hat became very very small…or I was doing it wrong..I don't know..

Finally I used 2/3 of another ball to make a pair of mitten. This was my first time to knit a mitten by only 2 needels. I found the instruction on internet and combined it with my own imagination. I like these mitterns so much!

September 29, 2004

Big just got BIGGER

I received the Rowan knitting book "Big just got BIGGER" today. Rowan yarns are just sooooooooooo expensive that I have to ponder the expenses a lot before I can make a decision to make a scarf or so…

So finally I believe I will make a scarf and a hat, if and only if I've got the money.

The scarf:

The hat:

They are both made of Rowan Big Wool and require JUMBO needles to knit them. (which means I have few chance to find them on Ebay) There are pompoms on both of them, so I hope they will match with each other. Here are the expenses:

The scarf: Tricky x 2 + Smooch x 1=20.25 + 15mm needle=5.50
The hat: Smooch x 1=6.75 + 10mm needle=3.15 + 12mm needle=5.50
Postage: 3.50
Total: 44.65

See how expensive is that! Maybe I will wait till my birthday and try to convince my boyfriend to buy them for me…hoho!

BTW…I hope I can still use this blog after I graduate…

September 23, 2004

The Sims 2

Writing about web page

The sims 2 模拟人生2 终于是上市了...店里面卖34镑99,好贵...

The Sims 2 is finaly on the market…It is sold as 34.99 pounds… really expensive…
(Amazon is currently selling it for 27.99! Great! Thanks to She Bevan~ But still very expensive for me…still considering…)
I wanted to download it from BT, but always couldn't get connected…
Just now in Costcutter, I found a really interesting and creative advertisement of The Sims 2 in one of their magazines. These foreign people really can do things which we couldn't do…superb..

过暑假的时候就看好了要买的书,还要再等几天...因为刚开学,post system可能还有一些混乱吧...现在对织围巾帽子之类的很感兴趣,觉得戴出去的机会比较多吧~

When I was in summer holiday, I already have planned to buy this knitting book, but I have to wait for a few days longer, coz the term just started, the post system maybe isn't quite normal yet. I am quite interested in knitting accessories, such as scarves and hats…Maybe I will get more opportunities to wear them..


这条织给震华 This one is for Isabel.

这条织给帆帆 This one is for Fanfan

这条给自己 This one is for myself

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