September 28, 2004

Mid-autumn festival

Happy Mid-autumn festival! 中秋节快乐!
I've got two small moon cakes remaining!
(Hehe..I am not complaining that I don't have enough moon cakes la! It surprises me that lots of people know about moon cake! cool!)

For anyone who don't know what this festival is about:
It is 15 of August today in Chinese calendar year and also the mid-day of autumn. The moon tonight is supposed to be quite big and round. In old times, the moon represents reunion, so today is the day when families get together. Another convention to celebrate mid-autumn festival is to eat moon cake, which also represents reunion, as its moon-liked shape.

Finally made an appointment

Follow-up to Wisdom tooth == Love tooth from TEss's Knitting Blog

I went to see dentist this morning and made an appointment on this Friday noon. So I think I will just continue to take antibotics and wait…
I've also registered with the university Health Centre, so I guess there is no problem with my NHS then…

September 26, 2004

Wisdom tooth == Love tooth

Writing about web page

Do you know wisdom tooth can also be called love tooth, which means it erupts when you fall in love with someone for the first time. But it really hurts and not at all as cute as it sounds…I've been taking antibiotics for 2 days and the swelling hasn't been better...nor it has been hopefully it will stop swelling in next few days so that I can go to the dentist and get it removed. It's just so hard for me to chaw and swallow food now...'s lovely to have some comments to my entries…I'm so happy to read them!

September 25, 2004

Wisdom tooth

Writing about web page

It starts after I arrived in the UK. The area around my lower left wisdom tooth becomes more and more swollen…I am planning to go to dental service next Monday or Tuesday after I've received the student id card.

I am totally confused with the NHS. Currently, I've got 2 NHS cards with 2 different NHS numbers on it and neither of them has the right address. I am also not sure if I have to register with the university health centre first to get a new NHS card or I should just call NHS to change my address.

Despite of all these confusions, I am ready to pay for my dental examination and hopefully can get a refund by claim. The thing I am worried about most is that if my face is going to swell so terribly that I won't have the courage to walk outside and face people…

September 24, 2004



Beautiful View in Heronbank!

今天去买菜,顺便在附近拍了一些照片。前几天在这里骑车,外面真的好漂亮啊~ 蓝天,白云,绿色的草地,几棵高低起伏的大树,连成一片的小房屋,好像每天都在旅行一样!

On my way to Tesco, we took some pics of the surrounding area in Heronbank. In last few days, when we were on our bikes, we found the really beautifual view — blue sky, white clouds, green grass, some big trees and a row of small houses. It's like be in vacation everyday!

Oh! These birds are called heron? I thought they were wide geese…

September 23, 2004

The Sims 2

Writing about web page

The sims 2 模拟人生2 终于是上市了...店里面卖34镑99,好贵...

The Sims 2 is finaly on the market…It is sold as 34.99 pounds… really expensive…
(Amazon is currently selling it for 27.99! Great! Thanks to She Bevan~ But still very expensive for me…still considering…)
I wanted to download it from BT, but always couldn't get connected…
Just now in Costcutter, I found a really interesting and creative advertisement of The Sims 2 in one of their magazines. These foreign people really can do things which we couldn't do…superb..

过暑假的时候就看好了要买的书,还要再等几天...因为刚开学,post system可能还有一些混乱吧...现在对织围巾帽子之类的很感兴趣,觉得戴出去的机会比较多吧~

When I was in summer holiday, I already have planned to buy this knitting book, but I have to wait for a few days longer, coz the term just started, the post system maybe isn't quite normal yet. I am quite interested in knitting accessories, such as scarves and hats…Maybe I will get more opportunities to wear them..


这条织给震华 This one is for Isabel.

这条织给帆帆 This one is for Fanfan

这条给自己 This one is for myself

September 22, 2004

My Warwick Blog



A new (or not?) function developed by our university, everyone can apply for a personal blog for FREE~
So here I am!

It's really hard to connect to the ftp service of my Chinese homepage,
so maybe I will use this one to write diary and stuff..

Most importantly, I would like this blog to be a knitting blog.
I hope it can last…

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