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September 30, 2004

Chinese Society Together

晚上6点多去参加了中国社团的迎新会。说实在的,在这里读本科的3年里都没有真正的去参加中国社团的活动。大学一年级参加过香港社团并且在春节大年夜去birmingham聚餐,这好像是我印象中唯一的一次社团活动吧...今年只是想说既然是新的开始,应该去认识一些新朋友吧...原来我们学校有那么那么多的中国学生,a huge Chinese population,也许有1000人?感觉上社团是比之前的成熟和有组织了,虽然组织人员全部都是新生,大一或者大二的居多,而且组织人员人数也差不多要20多人...说的上是学生会里屈指可数的巨大社团了吧!坐在一起的时候,突然有一种在国内大学里上课的感觉,不知道是好事还是坏事?

今天果然认识了一些新朋友,一开始找不到人说话幸好没有狠狠心走掉。WMG里认识了Parris, Carrie还有一些名字要慢慢去记了。新朋友好像反而比本科时的朋友来的亲切呢...可能和原来的同学一开始就没有建立好关系吧...总的说来,今天晚上挺开心的,希望在这一年时间里大家好好相处。

I went to the Chinese Society New Term Party this evening. In fact, I spent 3 years in Warwick and almost haven't taken part in any of the Chinese Society events. The only time I can remember is going to the Chinese New Year dinner party in Birmingham, which was organised by Hong Kong Society. So this year I think, well, postgraduate, it's a new start then. I really should know some new friends and be more sociable. I eventually know that there is a really huge Chinese population in Warwick currently. Maybe 1000? The Society itself is more organized and mature, thought most of the committee is in their 1st or 2nd year. Moreover, the number of people in the committee almost reaches 20, which means Chinese Society may be one of the largest societies in Wawick. When I was sitting among these people, I suddenly had this feeling that I was in a lecture room in China. Is this good news or bad news?

Just like what I expected, I met some new friends tonight. There were Parris, Carrie and of course some other people. I just need more time to remember their names. I feel that I am even closer to some of these new friends than to my old friends in undergraduate. Maybe from the very beginning of my university life, I just haven't built a healthy relationship with them. I had a lovely time tonight after all. I wish in the coming new academic year, I will mix in well and have a good time.

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