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March 09, 2006

Last club night and Varsity with my loved friends

March 08, 2006

Pack all up!!!

March 07, 2006

The last time in London

To examine how extent my improvement in English is, I went to London, though this would be the last time, to take TOEFL exam.

I departed from campus a bit earlier than usual attendance to the lecture, then got London around 10am. My test will start around 12.30pm so I first headed to 'Fortnum & Mason', which is famous for the taste and flavour of tea. As I've written before, this tea is loved by many people, such as Royal family…
Well, the truth is….I was just wondered what can be good suvenior to the people I owe to. The tea would be nothing special, just standard one, but many would be glad. So decided to buy.
After looking around for a while I chose some to bring them back.

Well, there's some time to start testing, I killed my time in Starbucks…...then started around 12am.

After about 3 hours, I've got appoximate score of whole, I was a bit relieved that I've had some improvement in Listening sections. On the other hand, due to insufficient practice of grammar and writing, there's no apparent difference compared with the one I took before, say, one year ago.
Anyway, some people said there's a special way to get good score on TOEFL. Even good English speaker can't get good result.

Anyway, it's fine…..I just also wanted to leave something which can prove that I have lived in English emvironment, kept myself among English. Indeed, this is just a indicater to know where my English is, so that I can more focus on my weaknesses.

March 06, 2006

Volleyball=>Afternoon tea=>Engage=>film

Yesterday, to begin with, I played volleyball in Japanese team in Warwick cup…..The result was we first won the first game, but in semi-final, agaist Germany, we lost…...
I was not in good condition this day…...whenever I've got the chance, I always missed it….when in smash, in block, in reception…...It's good game indeed, but I was not satisfied with myself. I can say I didn't practise this week, and also realised that I need to practise more and more. I can easily forget the sense of playing sports, such as rifle shooting. At least, practising once a week would be my minimum requirement to keep my skills ok….just sustain the level….so it means if I want to improve more, I need to train regularly.

Then at 3pm, I went to Tesco to meet Godfrey; he always came to pick everybody who are coming to his home. There, I met Cherry, Stuwart, Serena and Adil. And then in his home, his wife Fran, Eva, Jil, Victor and Ville…..later come to join were Phil and Anne. There are sooo many people today, I forgot the name of dish, but Eva cooked served us with Polish dish which is like a dumpling stuffed with…….I don't know what, and she didn't even tell us…..
Then having tea and cake and snacks, we have spent several hours there. It's really enjoyable time for me to have a chat with some people.

At last, Godfrey prepared for me a card to say good-bye?, cheer-up? with every member's message today!! These days, I've received message card, including the one we made, so I could expect to be happened, besides Godfrey already told me he would have a party for me. Anyway, I couldn't receive the card without being a bit confused…..
I mean, this is like a dream…....long long dream. As people can't realise they are sleeping when they sleep, I can't imagine what'll happen, or even what is now happening. This is my usualy life, but only the huge difference is, these days, I have to say good-bye and it might be forever-apart…..even though I don't feel I'm going at all

It should be quite sorrowful when I say good-bye, but none of emotions came up to my mind….I am now in the contradiction…...

After the afternoon tea, I went back to campus with Cherry, as her flat is in lakeside, then I headed to the church straightforwardly without getting back to my room.
Tonight, I helped cafe connection, which serves for people coming to the church providing some snacks, some drinks, etc. And as usual? I served for drinks. After that, I joined Engage service…..
The style of engage tonight was a bit different, though I don't remember what they are…...we sung hymn, listen some story….everything in the church makes a set of completed atomosphere….

Through this year, I tried to reach the God who christians describe in their mind, but um…...I don't think I get close, or say, I felt it's quite a long way. It doesn't mean I can't accept the concept, but it's much farther than I expected. Surely I stepped forward to some extent, asking some questions to my friends and joining bible study course, but also more questions, or doubts arosed from what I've learnt…..
Well, it's interesting to seek into the bible and the core of christianity as the history proved, many people have been believing in Jesus and the God. I will continue studying in Japan, because this was my last visit to the church in the UK….

Then after Engage, I and Ville went to student cinema to see 'The chronicle of Narnia, the Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe'

It's an adoption from the quite famous fantasy novel written by C. Lewis(?), and later I heard he is a friend of Torukin(?), the writer of 'Load of the Ring'.
The context of the film was about ok….for as it's at first for children's novel, and even it's adopted into the film, it's still. I always found out that it's quite difficult job to put the whole story in only 2 hours. So the directer and the other staffs have to reduce some sequences, but have to make it comprehensive… I felt everything has ended with intermediate.
What makes more worse is…..the mannar of audience… the beginning, or even in the middle, some people whisper, and some people ate snacks so that I could hear the sound of rustle…...

During the show time, for a while, I though about why people eat and drink in the cinema…...and largely, American style? Coke and Chips in the cinema is distributed to all over the world. I really hate its way. I can, of course, see such situation in Japan as well…..
Critically saying, it's a bad aspect of human beings. Doing one thing, people also try to satisfy another desire…...'want to see the film, but I'm hungry and thirsty'.......

Is it cool way to see the film? Isn't it rude to the film maker??

After seeing the film, Ville told me that there're some indication of Christianity. I don't want to reveal all the context but….the title to the king and queen, resurection…...ya, surely there're some.

Why so many fantasy novels are often related to christianity? such as fantasy novel I've read; Philip Pullman's trilogy, and 'Load of the Ring' also include some essense of christianity…..

Well, Ville told me Torukin and Lewis are christian…..

Anyway, after seeing the film, I was a bit satisfied with the plot. Well, next time, I will try to look into deeply to look for some signs of christianity~

Shogo leaving tomorrow~

March 04, 2006

At Birmingham

On Thu, international office's party, then stayed awake over the night to see off one of my friends, mai…...sleepless…..

On Fri, went to globe, was able to wake up around the globe, for I slept in the afternoon to put up with my sleep….

Then around 6.30pm, met some of my friends in pre-sessional; they organised the farewell dinner for us. Rita, Emily, Brian, Zaid and Lin came to see us, JYA. We were…me, Satoshi, Tsuyoshi, Miwa, Nami and Yuko~ Had a nice chat with them.
Haven't seen them sooooo long, and it's actually not enough to put over its gap for me…..I wanted to talk with them more!!!

And today on Sat, I went to Birmingham to see one of my best friends, Yeh-Jen, to say her good-bye…....and to buy some suveniour if there are.
Well, as for the shopping, I found some but not enough for all who I want to give. So I'll again go to busy suveniour, in the next time, in London when I get there to take TOEFL on Tuesday.
We had lunch in French restaurant~ the deco is nice inside, the price is acceptable, the dishes are tasty….we don't have big complainment on the restaurant, except for we were stuffed though we only had starter and main.
I bought some chocolate today, and some kitchen stuffs for myself. In Birmingham, unfortunately there's no good shop for tourists, so I'm gonna buy 'tea' in London; People say 'fortnum mason' is really famous and the flovour of the tea is soo great. To be honest, I haven't known it before my friends told me. This tea is also loved by royal family…...

I'll finish this today….....I'm feeling a bit sick tonight. I'll go to bed soon, though I want to go to laundry to wash up my clothes (not dirty!! haha)
I'll add more tomorrow~~

March 02, 2006

Farewell party by International office

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