February 24, 2006

Farewell party by Japanese society

There was the farewell party organised by Japanese society in Mika's house in Leamington. Meeing at the bus stop in front of Rootes social building, we headed to Leamington with many other, JYA, some Waseda students (they may be called JYA as well, but to differ them from us….I don't know how to say in other words….), and some Japanese society members on campus.

Before that, I went to Globe cafe, which might be the nearly last one…..as I was thinking of leaving campus on Friday in week 10. It's a bit tiredsome to get up in the morning and catch a taxi and a bus to get to heathrow so that I was another idea in my mind. On Fri, I would have accommodation in London, so that I don't have to get up earlier and it would not be messed up…...
Well, I, later on, decided not to do in the way…...for no matter how it's tiredsome to go to Heathrow, I want to meet Globe members on the last Fri, and on my last night in the UK (Well, I might be back, but so far I don't have any ideas in my mind…..)

In globe, the theme today was Pancake day!! It is similar to? or same as the crape, but put suger, juice of lemon, sirup, etc. you can put anything you want….
But whenever I tried to get some, it's already gone. I couldn't even bite a bit…...um…...It's OK~~ I'll cook it by myself!!

After having a chat with some members there, I left there to head to the party.

In the party, I think we could feel ourselves at home. Mika's flatmates have gone to Edinbourgh, so only us, Japanese people there in the house. We played drinking game, in which I had to drink much….., sang Japanese songs, and just had a chat till midnight.

It's fun to meet some friends as haven't seen them so long…..Well, compared with usual social, it's do a bit empty?.....Only 5 JYA, some Waseda students and some Japanese society members…..
I know most of the othe JYA, I mean all except for me, are busy on writing essays and doing assignments…...but it's a bit pity not be able to see them.
Well, we still have time to meet somewhere at some points…..We'd organise, or are invited to the party in our rest of days in Warwick.

The time was already passed so fast and it's around 1am….so we decided to get back to campus…...However, very British incident happened. Some were catching a bus going home, but some tried to get the taxi, and I was in latter group.
First we called one taxt company, and they said they would send a taxi in 30~40 mins…..though, no matter how long we waited, we didn't get any call which reminds us taxi coming…..So we called to the taxt company…...they said they wouldn't send a taxt any more tonight…....



Second taxi company resulted in the same…..they said they would send in 10 mins, but didn't come…...

It's really unbelievable if living in Japan. In Japan, we are trusting each other, so if people say YES, they will complete their task…..

Anyway, there was no progress if staying in the house, so we finally decided to walk to the city centre to find some taxi….and we did….
I got home at 3am in the morning….....
We learnt we can't trust any transport in the UK…....

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