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February 22, 2006

Lunch and Dinner with my best friends~

In the mornig, I finished lectures and tutorial as usual. Today, strangely nobody except for me was coming to tutorial, but it turned to be fortunate for me to talk with my tutor face-to-face. We've talked for an hour about my life so far, and my plan from now on. It's good time to make sure and recall what I want to do. Again I could see clearly my way I'm heading to.

Then at noon, I had lunch with Ville. He first asked me to do as we haven't had before?, so we did. We went to Rootes social building and had lunch in restaurant. I've got spare-rib and rice with cooked vegetables. It's Ok….
We've chatted for several hours till 3.30pm, later having a cup of coffee…then we were apart…

Then after coming back from library to copy some pages from textbook, I picked up cardboard boxes to pack everything up for sending them to Japan. I've STILL got lots of days to go, but I can start packing things which I don't usually use often, such as previous problem papers, clothes for summer, etc.

Once I've got boxes… really makes me feel sad, and feel lonliness…'s not because I'm leaving…..but because of the things yesterday, I suppose….....

I'm now listening music sooooo loudly with headphone. I can be alone in my world where I don't have to think anything, although I know it's just an imaginary world I can stay for a moments…......I can just float in an empty place…...

At night, I'm going to visit Phil's house to have dinner together.

I've been there before, as I wrote in Christmas vacation, just before I and Ville were going to Ville's home, so I remembered the way to get Phil's house. So I decided to visit on foot.
It took 40 mins though, and it's a bit tiring though, it would be good for my health…...but the tonight, it's really cold, so I need to put gloves on my hands.

These days, it's getting colder and colder…...

There were already Misa, Mia, Anne and Phil, then later Victor came to have dinner together. We had Shephard's Pie, which is Mushed potato with minced beef and vegetable sauce. It's commonly baked in oven, putting all the things in layers.
Then, we did one game, sign; a person stands in the middle, the other people surround him/her. Then at first we have to decide my own 'sign'. It's a kind of baton-passing game?....first, do my sign, then do another's sign, so that I can pass the responsibility to another person. The person standing in the middle try to find the person who currently have that responsibility……..difficult to explain. Anyway, if he/her is found, swap him and middle-person….then just carry on~
It's really simple, but we enjoyed it for a while.

Finally, Phil gave me birthday present!!! it's a set of DVDs with his hand-writing message in Japanese!!! I didn't expect him to give me present, as it's nearly 1 week after my birthday….and some might already forget it….Anyway, I was really happy~

Then it's already around 10.30pm…..we might not be able to get campus if we missed the bus….so we decided to go back…..

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