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February 15, 2006


There is one thing my friend talked to me when I told about my dream; I want to do many things at once in the future as my job. As I told before, I want to keep on studying Physics, then do Master and PhD…..if there's any post availble, want to be a professor….. though I also know it's not a straightforward way to reach there…... And want to learn much on cooking….. Skills, taste, creation, imagination….. I have to learn many many things as I'm still a beginner on cooking. Just enjoying myself cooking something I want to eat.
Furthermore, I want to expand my view on anything. I think my sight is quite narrow so I can just see what's happened just around me.

Well, at that time I told about these, my friends said that people are waiting for the specialists. There are few truely specialist in the world….. No matter how little his knowledge on the othe things, it's enough because he is a specialist…..

I agree his words…... I know it's really steap way even to be a specialist in one field of study. But is it really impossible to be a specialist in two or more fields of study, genre, jobs ??? Nobody denied it so far…....I can prove it in the future…..

Well, in fact, it's difficult to define the border of the specialists….. when he can be? and how extent he should be ? Nobody might not able to define it properly…...

This week and the last weke, I often feel strange feeling…...sometimes really want to see people, sometimes really NOT want to see people and want to be alone…....and this is still continuing…...
And such days when I don't want to meet any people…..I did see lots of friends…....vice versa…...

I'm not hating them, or rather, I like them…...but why I felt in that way??

Finally words I found when browsing websites…....which impressed me quite much.

We often remember what we've done to the other, but forget what has been done to us. On the contrary, we remeber being hurt by the other, but forget that we hurt them.
We are really selfish…....
As we can do many things, we become to forget thankfulness for the other people…...

I've hurt many people physically mentally… words, by physically…...
But from now on, at least, I will remember what the other've done to me and will say ''Thanks''. I want to be such a person…...I can return heartful of thanks agianst the other's kindness.

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