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February 12, 2006


In the morning, I went to the church in Canonpark with Ville, and after the service, we had lunch at the Rosie's house. Ville's know her already, and just a few days ago, they invited me there to have lunch today.

There I also met another girl, Yumiko, from Ritsumeikan. She just started English course here last week, then it will last 5 weeks. It means till this term finishes. I actually found many Japanese just getting on the bus in front of Rootes Social building last week. And because of their appearance, I immediately realised they would be Japanese….. um….it's quite easy to differentiate Japanese when in foreign country…. they are fashionable in deed?....
They came here as a project, she said, and now studying English in Westwood, like we JYA did in the spring. I only heard one teacher who are teaching them presently, and seems the same.

Um…..I missed to ask how many of them are coming ….well, guess around 20? this Easter vacation…..
I totally forgot that they are already in their vacation!! I firstly thought it is part of their callicurum, but she said it's a project…... don't know the differenece.
Well, they seem to do homestay. Yumiko now lives in Rosie's house, so the other would….

I haven't talked with her mach, but she seems to be enjoying here. Every weekend, she says she'll go other cities, Oxford, London, Bath…..

Anyway, doing games, watching TV, having a chat, etc. I think I did have good time there in Rosie's house. Quite relaxing~

Then after coming back… a book a little bit.

At night, after having dinner, I went to student cinema to see the film 'The constant gardener'.....I actually didn't know what about this film is…... But Rosie said in this moring, it's quite good film so I decided to go and see it.
It is about….. um…..difficult to say briefly….background is about 'fair trade' and 'poverty', describing them by focusing a woman activist who are eager to help people in Africa. Then deeper and deeper she devotes her life for people there…..and also tackling the problem of medicine. European medicine company sells dangerous medicine knowing that it cures actually but also kills people. She might find it….but eventually murdered…...
Then her husband, who are at first not serious on those problems even though his job is diplomat, began to also get involved in them after the loss of his wife suspecting her strange death…..

One last words are quite impressive for me, ' Those lives can be bought cheaply'.......

This film might be fiction, or might be non-fiction…..can be said documentary, can be said suspence….... don't know how to describe. But anyway, those issues are to be tackled immediately. Coincidently or not, I often see some leaflet about fair trade and saving the poor people. Or….. people are quite enthusiastic on discussing these issues and so as many students. I am always amazed by high consciousness of students on political, economical issues. They are all eager to do it…...
Also there are many consciousness-raising promotions anywhere.

I think I tried to avoid discussing, treating, tackling these kinds of issues so far…....I should get my eyes look more on other stuffs…..

This film would be good chance to start thinking…....

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