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February 06, 2006

Reading week

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People call this week as Reading week, which is set for sociology and other students to read some core books, reference books, etc. But mostly, especially for visiting students, it turns to be Holiday. Some of my friends has gone for their trip in this few days, then will come back this weekend…...Of course for science students, Reading week is nothing to do with us…..

Well, I think it's good chance to put myself light discipline, so I will try reading one textbook as much as I can, as long as I can understand…..I chose 'Quantum Field Theory, written by Michio Kaku, Oxford Student Edition'. One of things I can do is to start perparing for my final year. I don't know it's good to start new textbook, but I just felt like reading. For, if I don't somewhat relate my direction with this reading week, though it's just the title for me, I will never do so…..
Anyway, I'll finish one fantasy novel as well…And hopefully one parcel will arrive and can open it to pick up one Japanese book…..

This time, I want to list up my weak points…...for most of my friends are starting job hunting, then they have to write up 'Entry sheet' to introduce themselves to companies. Then as a sequence of finding myself, sometimes there's a checking test to examine what kind of person I am by finding my strong and weak points, and the other any characteristics….
Now I thought it'd better list up my 'weak' points, for I'm hoping to turn them into my future strong points.

My weak point would be…..the most dominant one is that I always estimate everything before doing things, then I've already imagined how it'll go. In other words, I select things into two: what I want to do (I can do) or what I don't want to do (I can't do). Hence, I'll never try things which I can't do…...I always chose safer way, so I'll not experience any bid problems and troubles. Also, as I dismiss things before doing them, sometimes I'll not try even things I can do…..I know things don't work as we expected…...but as I've been doing in this way…'s my kind of habit…..I have to be more challenging to anything!!
Well, this attitude sometims works well, as you see, I can achieve tihngs logically. I'd construct the process to its success beforehand, so that I just have to trace it….also I expect some trouble, then I can prepare for it to come over them.

Another is….I'm quite stubborn to admit anything until I understand or experience it. If it's generally looked that it's already finished, I'll not give up doing it…'s like a front-and-back on a paper with thinking above. I can easily give up one trial by estimating before, but also can't give up with my stubborn pride if I started once.

And…..I always think things tooooo seriously, even thought it's not actually…..Often I overestimate things as if it's too difficult, so later, I'd not try it. By this, I would've missed many chances and opportunities to get goods.
Well, in fact, I'll try to reduce this exceeded extent, though it doesn't work well so far… friends still say I'm too serious always. And it also appears on my face. Especially at the first meeting with new people, I was looked so serious that later people were always surprised with my change of characteristic, thouth I was not changed actually. I think I lost lots of opportunities by such first impression on my face…...I should try changing…...

The other are…....I'll think them later~

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