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March 04, 2006

At Birmingham

On Thu, international office's party, then stayed awake over the night to see off one of my friends, mai…...sleepless…..

On Fri, went to globe, was able to wake up around the globe, for I slept in the afternoon to put up with my sleep….

Then around 6.30pm, met some of my friends in pre-sessional; they organised the farewell dinner for us. Rita, Emily, Brian, Zaid and Lin came to see us, JYA. We were…me, Satoshi, Tsuyoshi, Miwa, Nami and Yuko~ Had a nice chat with them.
Haven't seen them sooooo long, and it's actually not enough to put over its gap for me…..I wanted to talk with them more!!!

And today on Sat, I went to Birmingham to see one of my best friends, Yeh-Jen, to say her good-bye…....and to buy some suveniour if there are.
Well, as for the shopping, I found some but not enough for all who I want to give. So I'll again go to busy suveniour, in the next time, in London when I get there to take TOEFL on Tuesday.
We had lunch in French restaurant~ the deco is nice inside, the price is acceptable, the dishes are tasty….we don't have big complainment on the restaurant, except for we were stuffed though we only had starter and main.
I bought some chocolate today, and some kitchen stuffs for myself. In Birmingham, unfortunately there's no good shop for tourists, so I'm gonna buy 'tea' in London; People say 'fortnum mason' is really famous and the flovour of the tea is soo great. To be honest, I haven't known it before my friends told me. This tea is also loved by royal family…...

I'll finish this today….....I'm feeling a bit sick tonight. I'll go to bed soon, though I want to go to laundry to wash up my clothes (not dirty!! haha)
I'll add more tomorrow~~

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